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Rocket League: Transparent Goalposts in the Autumn Update

8/24/2017 10:43:30 AM

In the fall, players of "Rocket League" can expect a new update, which includes a transparency feature - Transparent Goalposts. The aim is to optimize the view of the ball in many situations.

Psyonix has revealed first details about the next update for the multiplayer hit "Rocket League". According to this, one of the functions most required by the community will be delivered in autumn. These are transparent gate posts.


The transparent goalposts are intended to drastically change the view of the ball in certain situations. This is especially intended for goalkeeper a better view of the ball. With the upcoming update, gates, goal posts and certain parts of the arena wall will be made transparent. Transparent parts are then shown instead of the opaque, solid structures. Depending on the position and the viewing angle of the player, certain parts are then displayed transparently.


The developers of Psyonix are aware that not all players are enthusiastic about it, which is why they integrate this feature into the game as optional features. In this way, each player can decide for themselves whether the transparency is used or whether one remains in the previous display mode.


The transparency feature is to be provided with the update for each arena. "Rocket League" you can play on the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Players on Nintendo Switch are to be provided later this year with the title.


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