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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - New PUBG Cheats Have Surfaced, Allowing Instant-Heal & Instant-Revive

1/30/2018 10:56:46 AM

The cheaters in PUBG are becoming increasingly creative. In addition to Aimbots, Wallhacks and Speed-Bosts, there are now Instant-Heal and Instant-Revive.



Cheaters are the sting in the flesh of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. The bigger the Battle Royale game gets, the more scammers plague the players' gaming routine. For example, the connection to China has massively increased the community figures, but according to developers, the vast majority of the cheats from the Far East are now also coming. Even if you contain the plague, there is still the danger that it will mutate. And that is exactly what is happening.


Where honest players have been annoyed by wallhacks, aimbots and artificially accelerated opponents in the past, the new cheats aim at more subtle, less apparent targets: they allow you to instantly revive your colleagues and grant you instant healing. In the heat of battle, such tricks increase the chances of survival of scammers, of course, enormously. The Reddit user MagicIsBull has recorded his encounter with such a cheater via replay:

With anti-cheat tools like BattlEye, the help of China's mega-corporation Tencent (which distributes PUBG in China and caused 120 arrests) as well as new measures such as the replay function, developer Bluehole wants to master the cheat problem.


The cheat manufacturers counteract this by, for example, advising their shoppers on inconspicuous behavior ("Do not collect more than 15 kills per match, or you'll be suspicious"). The Insta Revive and Insta Heal cheats are another rather inconspicuous trickery method.


Developer Bluehole just announced that they have blocked more than 100,000 cheat accounts in a single spell wave. The fight against cheaters continues. Want to buy some cheap PUBG Skins for your character? Welcome to AOEAH.COM.

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