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New World Best Faction Tokens Farming Locations (Spots) For Solo Players - Fatest Ways To Farm Most Tokens

2/2/2022 4:01:01 PM

What is the fastest way for solo players to get the main currency of in-game factions? In this New World guide, we are going to break down where would be the best place to farm the most faction tokens in the shortest time.

New World Faction Tokens Farming Guide

There are two very different ways to farm faction tokens in New World:

  • - Pvping and playing to gain them which is a lot more fun and arguably faster but only if you're in a good group of friends who are all PVP oriented and play together regularly

  • - There is the hard grind farming method using the faction missions which in our opinion is faster for the average player, especially the solo player.

Because pvping has way too many variables to measure we chose to make this guide about the latter which is of course grinding using the faction missions because this is how most of us will be grinding our faction tokens for the most part. If you need more currency for upgrading your character, the fatest way is to buy cheap New World gold at AOEAH.COM!

Best Places (Spots) For Solo Players To Farm Faction Tokens in New World

To begin, be sure to get yourself a bag with the loyalty perk this will increase your total accumulation from all sources including faction missions, but only one, because the loyalty perk does not stack. Then head over to the Top 4 best spots to complete PVE missions and farm more faction tockens in the shortest time:

Top 4 - Reekwater Token Farm

Cost Time & Tokens Earn for Per Run

15 Minutes per Run

3140 Token per Run

185 Tokens Per Minute

1182 Tokens Per Hour

We had very low expectations for this zone but we thought we would give it a chance because a few people had recommended it.

For this zone, we were going to try the pvp missions the same as the great cleave, but upon accepting them we noticed they were way apart, so we switched over to the PVE. This zone does offer a great PVE run that if it was consistent would easily be a contender for the best farm. The issue is though that there are other missions that if you get send you all over the zone, so accepting and dropping missions till you get the ideal run wastes a lot of time. So you should end up just accepting the three PVE missions on offer and run them. For the full run, it would take 15-20 minutes because a few are far apart and they are located in problematic areas. 

Our token yield for our time on this run is 3140, so this works out to an average of roughly 185 tokens per minute or 11,082 tokens per hour if you were hard grinding the zone, not horrible but not quite as good as expected. It can be an unpleasant zone to grind tokens in, a lot of the angry earth zones and ancient areas can be a headache to try to quickly run tokens through, making for an unpleasant experience overall.

Top 3 - EdenGrove Token Farm

Cost Time & Tokens Earn for Per Run

10 Minutes per Run

2950 Token per Run

295 Tokens Per Minute

17700 Tokens Per Hour

For this zone, PVE missions are completely out of the question because of the nature of this zone with the unpassable areas requiring you to follow paths that snake you all over the dam map and the missions being scattered all over the place, just made them not an efficient option for a pure grind. So we here like the great cleave will be just considering the two non-kill PVP missions again in this case. The missions here offer substantially more tokens per mission than the great cleave, however they do require you to run a lot farther. So we started doing them and after four runs, we had them down to a nice routine and managed to get them down to a roughly 10 minutes per run consistently. If you are geared specifically for this area, you potentially could get it down a couple of minutes, but the run is what slows you down more than anything, so our total per run is 2 950 tokens in the zone, so that's 295 tokens per minute which again is not bad. But if we were to hard grind these missions, we could expect roughly 17,700 tokens per hour, a little less than the great cleave once again. But nothing to ignore, this is definitely a viable option if you're looking for somewhere to grind your tokens.

Top 2 - Great Cleave Token Farm

Cost Time & Tokens Earn for Per Run

4 Minutes per Run

1290 Token per Run

323 Tokens Per Minute

19350 Tokens Per Hour

Back before they changed everything in patch 1.1, Great Cleave was the undisputed king of farming faction tokens. For this zone, you should focus on two PVP missions that do not require a set of amount of enemy kills. The enemy kills mission is time consuming and is a waste of time if you are wanting to have a true token grind. The PVE missions in this zone are completely off the table in terms of efficient grind, because most of them are to kill elites in 66 areas and if not then they're spread all over the zone.

The two pvp missions here are great though, they are super close to the settlement and you can run over and do them and run back in no time flat. The total tokens you receive per run are roughly 1290, one mission awarding 715 and the other 575. This can vary up and down by a few tokens but 1290 is a safe middle ground for our test, and the run would take you about four minutes to complete. So at 4 minutes per run that would be 323 tokens per minute or 19,350 tokens per hour. If you ran this like a machine with no breaks for an hour straight taking into services things like bathroom breaks or somethin, this could be of course lower, these are simply the perfect world hard grind numbers. So great cleave comes in strong at 19,350 tokens per hour, so it is not difficult to see why it is a crowd favorite even post 1.1.

Top 1 - BrightWood Token Farm

Cost Time & Tokens Earn for Per Run

4 Minutes per Run

1915 Tokens per Run

478 Tokens Per Minute

28000 Tokens Per Hour

We know this would not be a zone you would expect, but there are something here we noticf while and we thought it might be a real good spot to grind these in. 

For this zone, you should focuse completely on PVE missions and once again we did four runs to get a fair baseline the same as we had with the rest. So the nice thing about this zone is all the PVE missions are all in a tight area around the brightwood teleport shrine, and because when doing PVE missions, you can fast travel. it works out amazingly, on average it took us roughly four minutes per run to complete the PVE missions here because no running time was needed really. So it worked out to 1915 tokens per run which then means we were getting 478 tokens per minute which blew us away for a low level zone. If you say you're in in the brightwood settlement, then accept missions and teleport over then bang through them and then travel back or run back to the shrine and travel back, you will average 28,000 tokens per hour.

BrightWood is by far the best place we've found to farm faction tokens, just because of how conveniently located the missions are in relation to the shrine location and since everything is so low level, you pretty much one or two shot everything in your path.

Brightwood is the best option for purely grinding out tokens using the missions from the faction representative. However great cleave still remains a close second and potentially could even be better if you had the right build and could speed it up faster than four minutes per run, so we hope our guide will help some of you who are stuck on where to farm faction tokens in New World.

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