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Madden 22 Best Offensive Playbook - Top 3 Offensive Playbooks in Ultimate Team

1/24/2022 5:21:01 PM

It is always controversial on the topic of the best playbook in Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team, but some options occupy the top spots on the list every year, with a few shifts. What is the best offense in MUT 22? Here we’ll show you the top 3 Madden 22 best offensive playbooks that feature great formations in it. 

Madden NFL 22 Best Offensive Playbook - Top 3 Offensive Playbooks in Ultimate Team

The three best offensive playbooks for Madden 22 Ultimate Team are picked from the top 10 playbooks of Dyl. Which one is your first pick?

Best Offensive Playbook 1 in Madden 22 MUT - New England Patriots Offense

There is a couple of really good formations in this playbook, it has the best Tripe TE in the game, which is a meta formation and one of the best formations in Madden 22, Patriots is the only Trips with base, it also has Curl Flat, Double in Sail, Inside Cross, PA Counter Go, PA Shot Wheel, QB Power, Slot Swing, and more pretty good plays. Another good piece of information in it is Gun Y Off Trips Pats, there are just so many ways to attack the defense. This playbook is suitable for players who like to pass the ball a lot, there are more mobile QB plays now. 

Best Offensive Playbook 2 in Madden 22 MUT - Las Vegas Raiders Offense

Raiders Offense is probably the most complete playbook in the game, it was very popular in Madden 20 and Madden 21, you have all the other centers from previous years, you got Deuce Close, Wing Flex Close, Tight Y Off, I Form Close, I Form Tight, I Form Y Off, there is really a lot you could do with this for under center and shotgun. Raiders is one of the best bunches in the game, you go Bench Pivot, Bunch Trail, Dig Return, Flood, you should run Raiders bunch over other bunches in the game. You should also go to Gun Tight Slots HB WK, which has Mesh Spot. Runners shouldn’t miss this offensive playbook, it is also a highly versatile and solid formation for pass and rush. The Raiders' attack was the reason for their success.

Best Offensive Playbook 3 in Madden 22 MUT - Seattle Seahawks Offense

You would be in this playbook for shotgun, it has Singlebacl Deuce Close, one of the best formations, you also have Wing Pair, Wing Tight Z, all that stuff is like red zone offense. Tight Y Off is a little bit of a unique offense. I Form H Wing, red-zone offense, Pistol Strong Slot Open has a Triple Option. If you want this clear outplay with a deep tight end, it has a really good tight end route. If you like to do offense in the air rather than the ground, the Seattle Seahawks playbook is an option for you.  

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