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Diablo 2 Resurrected Character Introduction - Barbarian (Bar)

10/29/2021 4:22:36 PM

Barbarian is a member of several tribes on the edge of civilization. He rejects the influence of all things that seem gentle and weak. In the continuous war between tribes, he can survive thanks to his barbarian's firm will and strong physique. Although he lacks the scheming of civilized people, he can keenly feel his surrounding environment, Because all this comes from his animal-like intuition, which makes the barbarians remind people of some folk legends about werewolves. In fact, they firmly believe that they can summon the souls of animals on the totem to inspire them and obtain extraordinary power and ability, but these calls only improve his already perfect combat skills.

Barbarian Basic Introduction

Initial attribute

Power: 30

Agility: 20

Physical strength: 25

Energy: 10

Life: 55

Endurance: 92

Mana: 10

Life per character level + 2

Endurance + 1

Mana + 1

Attribute points effect

1 physical strength = 4 life

1 physical strength = 1 endurance

1 energy = 1 mana

Additional information

History introduction

Game strategy

Melee character equipment


Shouting skills

Combat experts

Combat skills

Barbarian History

Barbarian, that is, the "barbarian" in medieval Europe, Just like the concept of nobility and inferiority between Chinese and foreigners in the spring and Autumn period, "barbarians" is actually an insulting title given by the ancient Greeks and 28 Lomas to their neighbors (Germanic people) and some Asian nations. They regard all non-Greek and 28 Lomas as "foreign people". However, it is these "foreign people" that pushed the once arrogant 28 Loma Empire down the abyss of destruction, "Barbarians" in the general sense refers to the Germanic tribes that overthrew the 28 Loma Empire, including vandals, Visigoths, Donggoths, Franks, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, and Picts.

In the eyes of ancient Greeks and ancient 28 Lomas, barbarians always lived on the edge of civilized society, Uncivilized. The constant fighting between tribes and the cruel living environment of nature are very sensitive; They worship the power of beasts, so the legend of werewolves is often associated with barbarians.

It is strange that such a group of "dirty and rude" barbarians overthrew the powerful 28 Lo horse empire. In A.D. 410, the 28 Lo horse city was captured by the Visigoths and looted for several days before leaving. The catastrophe of the "eternal capital" shocked the whole of Europe, The people of the 28 Loma empire fell into panic. In 476, the commander of the barbarian army of the Empire, theodoiac, launched a coup, which finally ended the history of the West 28 Loma empire. The famous theologian Augustine mentioned in the book the kingdom of God, The destruction of the 28 Lo horse was the punishment of the gods for the corruption and immorality that filled the Empire. Although the 28 Lo horse people had absolute advantages in civilization, their souls had already degenerated. Under the same race and blood relationship, the determined and simple barbarians could achieve close unity, while the 28 Lo horse people were always in a state of mutual strife, even when the enemy soldiers were pressing the border, They were still unwilling to repent and awaken.

At that time, the only historical materials detailing the barbarian culture were Caesar's "Gaul war period" and Tacitus's "Germania". According to these documents, the barbarians were in the stage of clan society at the time of invading the 28 Loma Empire, did not engage in agriculture, made a living by hunting and plundering, and loved adventure Spiritual personality and life attitude are so-called "heroic" - belligerent, brave, loyal, honor oriented, generous, extravagant, and refuse to accept weak and decadent souls. In the eyes of barbarians, resorting to violence is often more meaningful than hard and ordinary labor. Therefore, they are eager for military adventure, cost-effective battles, and a large number of spoils brought by it.

War is the main way of life of the barbarians. "If there is no war in this tribe, many noble young people will automatically participate in the wars of other tribes, and they hate to stay still." in the war, courage and honor are most cherished by the leaders and soldiers. Soldiers defend the leaders with the bravest battle. If the leaders die on the battlefield, but the soldiers come back alive, it will be a great shame; Similarly, if the leader is not as brave as his own soldiers, he will also be ridiculed by others.

The invasion of the barbarians has greatly damaged the civilization of the whole of Europe. "The Middle Ages developed from the primitive state of Jingye." barbarian culture, Christendom and residual classical culture constitute the three cornerstones of civilization in the later Middle Ages.

The most famous barbarian in European history is the Hun king with Mongolian blood. He swept the European continent before the fifth century A.D., and even the Germanic barbarians could not resist their attack. The Huns attacked from the East. They were fierce, strong, brave, and good at fighting. They were all excellent riders, It was these fierce Huns who accelerated the collapse of the 28 Lo Ma empire.

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