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Best WoW Classic TBC Tier 5 Items - Most Sought-After T5 Gears, Weapons, Mounts in Phase 2

9/8/2021 5:52:06 PM

With WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 release date has been set for September 15, Tier 5 raids around the corner and we think it is the time to focus on some of the biggest loots that drops from the raid bosses that people are probably going to be salivating over and will likely cause the moaning and fighting within guilds. 

Top 8 Best T5 Items in WoW Classic TBC Phase 2

Unfortunately, just because of the way World of Warcraft is designed, there are many pieces that are just ridiculously powerful for many different people because they are useful for many different classes, so there will be a lot of people fighting over the same gear pieces, definitely no more than the below gears which will in the list of the most sought-after T5 items.  Buy cheap WoW Classic TBC Gold on AOEAH.COM to prepare for Phase 2!

Top 1. Belt of One-Hundred Deaths (All Melee DPS & Tanks)

The first reason why this gear piece is so nutty is obviously because of those two gem slots and we all love gem slots, but the main reason why people want this gear piece so much is because it has so much expertise rating on it: expertise is obviously a stat that reduces the boss to dodging parry, this is very useful at increasing a warrior or rogues or enhancement chamber to any melee DPS's DPS. Weirdly it also helps tanks, because tanks are always facing the target they have an increased chance to be dodged and parried, but with this big chunk of expertise then they have a higher chance to hit the target which means more threat generation which in turn means more raid DPS. So basically, all melee DPS want this belt and so do the tanks, so there'll be a lot of competition for it.

Top 2. Vestments of the Seas-Witch (Casters)

Vestments of the Seas-Witch is basically best in slot for most casters in Tier 5 and even if some people prefer to go for some kind of set bonus, most casters are going to be salivating and wanting to get this gear piece, obviously we have the free gem sockets which are ridiculous. Although the item doesn't have a lot of spell power when you compare it to like crafted gear that you can get in WoW Classic TBC Phase 1, it also has 27 spell hit rating and 31 spell crit rating, so if you add all those stats together that is a ridiculous amount of secondary stats which point for point are going to provide a lot of DPS. 

As we move into Phase 2, many casters are going to scale more and get more crit, you know to the point where we're getting like 20 to 30 crit rating on our gear rather than just having a hit cap and then a little bit of crit, so this is when you you know gear pieces like that are fundamental for particular DPS to do nutty damage. 

Top 3. Tsunmi Talisman (Anyone Can Do Physical DPS)

Tsunmi Talisman is robably the second best physical DPS trinket until somewhere essentially maybe something better in Black Temple, it really depends on how good the proc chance is going to be on live servers. Obviously the stat stick itself is pretty mean we have a little bit of cheeky crit and nearly 40 points of crit chance, which is basically nearly 2% flat out crit and then the equip effect whenever you do crit you have a chance to increase your attack power by 10 seconds, and it has a 45 second internal cooldown, so it procs quite regularly (nearly twice a minute). And again as we are scaling into phase 2 in the melee DPS are going to have a higher basal crit chance which means it was going to  just make this trinket more and more powerful as they get better and better gear. Absolutely everyone wants this trinket such as rogues, warriors, hunters, enhancement shamans, retribution paladins, so basically anyone who can do physical DPS wants this trinket.

Top 4. Tier 5 Sets (The Ones Provides The Most DPS)

In phase 1, many classes didn't actually use their set piece because off set pieces just simply simulated more DPS, but in Tier 5, the tier sets are just basically better and most classes at least want two pieces of their T5 set so there's going to be a lot of fighting over the tier tokens and we imagine there's going to be a lot of argument of which class it provides the most DPS for how it best (benefits the entire raid group as a whole there's going to be a lot of arguing and fighting over all the tier pieces)

Top 5. Lightfathom Scepter (Healers)

Lightfathom Scepter is very simply and very purely - the best healing weapon that you can get in Tier 5 for every single healer. Because this item drops from the last boss of a raid, it has a slightly higher item level than all of the of the boss raid loot and you'll find this with many of your other weapons too. So it very just purely has better stats than anything else that you can find in the game and you will very likely be holding on to this mace until you are doing Black Temple.

Top 6. Serpent Spine Longbow (Hunters)

Serpent Spine Longbow drops from Lady Vash which means the item level is slightly higher and the damage to basal damage of it will be slightly more than other weapons, plus the stat sticks on it are pretty decent and the actual speed of the bow itself is just absolutely perfect for hunters. Let's be honest, there's probably about 37 hunters in your guild right now, who are all going to be fighting over this particular item.

Top 7. Fang of the Leviathan (Mages & Warlocks)

Fang of the Leviathan is the definitive caster weapon in Tier 5, about all the mages and the warlocks are going to be fighting over. It's basically an upgrade on anything that you can get in Tier 4 mainly because it has a little bit of extra trike crit on it, unfortunately classes like priests and shamans that can't use swords are going to have to stick to their Phase 1 best in slot weapons since there's no alternative option in Tier 5. But luckily in Hydro they can gain access to a really powerful spell power mace but actually just drops from the trash. 

Top 8. Ashes of Al'ar (All Classes)

Anyway probably going a little tangent there, and apart from loot that is actual gear we obviously also have the Ashes of Al'ar which is one of the most sought after mounts in the history of World of Warcraft. It's probably going to get road rolled in most guilds, because that's the more fair way to do it to leave it to fate, and then the player gets it is going to leave the guild in a couple of weeks.

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