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WoW Classic TBC BIS Gear Guide - How To Get PVP Best of Slot Gear Fast?

7/12/2021 4:11:38 PM

It's no secret that gear is an integral part of all forms of PVP in World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Classic, as a result, PVP players often have a lot of questions like "what's the fastest way to gear up" and "how do I get the best gear for PVP", so well our goal with this guide is to break down the WoW Classic TBC PVP gearing system simplify and just give you all the information you need to have - not only the best gear available, but also the fastest and most optimal ways to achieve it.

How To Get Bis Gear in WoW Classic TBC?

You finally hit level 70 and hopefully after a well-deserved sleep you're ready to begin grinding your gear. Where do you start? Here we will list the main and fastest ways to to farm the Best of Slot PVP gear. If you want to gear up your character fast once hit 70 levels, the fastest way should be trade weapons and armor in auction house with WoW Classic TBC gold

1. Honor Grinding - Best Bis Gear To Buy With Honor

Something that requires absolutely no gear or any prerequisites is beginning the honor grind - this is where the majority of your gear comes from regardless of whatever class or spec you're playing. At level 70, you're able to purchase what's called the blue high warlords or grand marshal set, this is a rare quality set which looks identical to the level 60 equivalent gear just upgraded to level 70, you can purchase a full set of this five pieces in total. Be careful though as some classes like druid for instance like to go for two of the balance pieces and two of the restoration pieces to benefit from the two two-piece of both. And for your weapon, there are a full selection of rare quality weapons following the same high warlord or grand marshal theme, to pair with this, there is also rare quality PVP rings. But most important of all, there are epic off pieces including bracers, cloak, neck and boots.

How do you go about purchasing this Bis gear with honors?

All of this gear can be purchased in either Orgrimmar or Stormwind and costs a combination of honor points and marks. honor points are rewarded from taking part in battlegrounds or certain world PVP events, and then marks of honor are rewarded from their respective battlegrounds so Eye of the Storm, Alterac Valley, Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin, rewarding three per win and one per loss, all of this does add up though. To get a full set which you should for the most part aim to do is a considerable grind here you can see the required amount of both honor and marks to buy the complete blue armor set:

So a little over 86k honor and then 30 Warsong marks, 50 Arathi Basin marks and 50 Alterac Valley marks; and if you want the off pieces so a Gladiator's Medallion one ring then cloak, neck, belt, bracers and boots, this will cost you a further 97 888 honor, 20 Warsong Gulch marks, 60 Arathi Basin marks, 10 Alterac Valley marks and 60 Eye of the Storm marks; then to further add to that you can get a weapon with one handers costing 19k honor and 20 Eye of the Storm marks, two handers costing 38k honor and 40 Alterac Valley marks; so in total if you're looking at somewhere in the region of a little over 200k honor, 50 Warsong Gulch marks, 110 Arathi Basin marks and then either 100 or 60 Alterac Valley or 100 or 60 Eye of the Storm marks depending on which weapons you use. 

So saying it's an honor grind is a bit of an understatement, but that's just WoW Classic TBC in essence, and even then we're still missing a trinket and one ring what you want to prioritize though is definitely the off pieces. These epic off pieces for the most part remain best in slot for the entirety of season one, as it's the weapons and armor set that you will end up replacing with the gladiators arena point alternative once you have the required points. But don't be discouraged, this grind is what makes up the large majority of your gear set for most classes and specs.

2. Raids & Best Bis Gear From Raids

Although arena is delayed for the first few weeks of release raids are not, this means Karazhan, both Magtheridon's Lair and Gruul's Lair will be open. Now saying what specific gear you want to target varies from a class by class basis, but certain gear you pick up from these raids can be upgrades or side grades to your honor high warlord or grand marshal gear. So if you want the best gear possible, super setting in some raids every week leading up to the arena release will give you an advantage.

It's also worth noting that while we cover the prices of off pieces, there are limited off pieces for healers from honor, this means healers are ideally going to be wanting to aim for cloaks and rings, some good examples are the Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted and Mender's Heart-Ring. But if you get any high ticket piece as any class, you're going to be at a huge advantage, just way up if the piece you get is better than the honor equivalent. Remember raid gear potentially has low stamina while also having no resilience, two of the most important stats when it comes to arena. So if you can make sure to do Gruul's Lair, Karazhan and Magtheridon's Lair every reset, as all three are on a weekly basis.

3. Dungeons & Best Bis Gear From Dungeons

Dungeons are also another way to help you gear up, we're not saying you should jump in and do a daily heroic world swoop, most of the gear you get from dungeons is not going to be a direct upgrade compared to the blue honor gear we spoke about. If it's armor you'll lose your set bonus and then second of all heroic and raid gear lacks defensive stats, so less armor no resilience and in most cases less stamina. There are naturally a few exceptions to this though for example the Bangle of Endless Blessings for healers, but always weigh up the two pieces of gear and consider the offensive and defensive benefits of bull. Why Heroic dungeons are recommended to complete though is not strictly for the gear, it's primarily down to the Badge of Justices. Badge of Justices drop from every boss that you kill in a heroic dungeon, as well as an extra two for completing the daily heroic quest which can be picked up here. Badge of Justices are a currency used by select items inside Shattrath's Lower City for PVP, you'll want to specifically pick up the trinkets which remain best in slot for some time - such as Icon of the Silver Crescent for casters with mage being the exception and Bloodlust Brooch for melee. 

For you tryhards out there, you can also get some minor upgrades from specific gems, but don't go all in for farming these especially in the early weeks. The other reason behind dungeons being important to complete are the reputation rewards which brings us nicely to our next way to gear - reputation.

4. Reputation & Best Bis Gears To Get With Reputation

Reputation is one of those things you're just going to have to learn to love in the Burning Crusade. you're going to want it for early gear upgrades and also enchants. Enchants are very important and there is a lot of power tied behind them. 

You can gain a reputation a few different ways: either by killing mobs questing or even doing hand-ins for that specific zone, the best way to gain reputation though is by doing the dungeon or dungeons in that faction zone. For example you will get Cenarion Expedition reputation, for completing the Slave Pens, The Underbog, and The Steamvault dungeons inside of Zangarmarsh. The reputation you want depends on your class and spec, casters will want the Sha'tar Revered for the Glyph of Power, whereas melee will want Cenarion Expedition for attack power and hit rating and healers will want the Glyph of Renewal from Honor Hold reputation. And then you'll want to pick up either aldor or scryers to gain the reputation for your shoulder and enchant, which faction you play depends on what class you play. 

As we mentioned, there are also some very good gear pieces from reputation mainly from reaching exalted, as Ashyen's Gift (a best-in-slot caster ring) or the Windcaller's Orb for healers from Cenarion Expedition. Very strong rings from Violet Eye reputation inside of Karazhan and even weapons like the Gavel of Pure Light from Sha'tar Exalted or the Marksman Bow from Thrallmar or honor hold. An item you'll definitely want though is the Seal or Band of the Exorcist, while not strictly reputation based, these are picked up from collecting Spirit Shards inside of Terokkar Forest and its surrounding dungeons. Both these rings remain best in slot for most casters and melee throughout phase one.

5. Professions & Best Bis Gear To Make With Profession

The final way to help with the gearing process or enhance it is with professions, this only applies to certain classes but there are some very strong items to hide behind professions. For example, warriors, rogues and shamans are all able to get their best in slot weapons from being weaponsmiths or very strong starter trinkets for casters and melee DPS, but even the primal strike gear for leather DPS can be used over the high warlord set.

That's everything you can do prior to Arena being released, don't panic if this is overwhelming. most of the grind is just the initial chunk of honor, once arena begins though you'll be able to start collecting gladiators gear and replacing your gear from there. 

How arena gear works in the Burning Crusade is that it's purchased with a currency called arena points, the amount of arena points you earn is based on your rating, the higher rating you achieve the more arena points you'll be rewarded with at the end of the week. Although the brackets you gain that radian can increase the amount, so for instance 5v5 rewards (the most arena points), followed then by 3v3 and then 2v2 reward the least. In order to qualify for the arena points, you'll have to play at least 10 games in your respective team per week as well as also having played a minimum of 30 percent of the team's overall games played. It's also worth noting that both shoulders and weapons are tied behind rating requirements with the latter being 1850 and the former being 2k.

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