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FIFA 21 Top 15 Best Summer Stars Players - Best Summer Stars Players In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

7/9/2021 4:46:56 PM

Let’s rank all of the summer stars in order! we were expecting some summer heat but the Summer Stars promo is pretty special, spectacular, high rated, very usable. almost all of them will impact your team and the price points coming in at a good level. 


#17Claudio BravoGKChileReal Betis BalompiéSpain Primera División92
#16Cristian RomeroLMArgentinaAtalantaItaly Serie A91
#15Andreas ChristensenCBDenmarkChelseaEngland Premier League93
#14Leonardo SpinazzolaLBItalyGeneric CapitaleItaly Serie A93
#13Patrik SchickSTCzech RepublicBayer 04 LeverkusenGermany 1. Bundesliga93
#12Aymeric LaporteCBSpainManchester CityEngland Premier League95
#11Richarlison de AndradeSTBrazilEvertonEngland Premier League96
#10Manuel LocatelliCMItalySassuoloItaly Serie A95
#9Kalvin PhillipsCMEnglandLeeds UnitedEngland Premier League94
#8Alexander IsakSTSwedenReal SociedadSpain Primera División95
#7Denzel DumfriesRWBHollandPSVHolland Eredivisie94
#6Xherdan ShaqiriRMSwitzerlandLiverpoolEngland Premier League93
#5Joshua KimmichRMGermanyBayern MünchenGermany 1. Bundesliga97
#4Luka ModrićCMCroatiaReal MadridSpain Primera División97
#3Kevin De BruyneRFBelgiumManchester CityEngland Premier League98
#2MessiRWArgentinaFC BarcelonaSpain Primera División99
#1RonaldoSTPortugalPiemonte CalcioItaly Serie A99

#16 Romero - he doesn't come with the links or the stats. what differentiates him from other attacking players or wingers. he looks normal ordinary with a better card design.


#15 Christensen - for 70k premier league center back, it is good value, even though this is not a value countdown. but when you get into the physical and defensive numbers, except the 70 agility and 70 balance. he's not necessarily getting the super stamp of approval, but if you want to incorporate him, he’s good for it. 


#14 Spinazzola - he can be used in two different ways: being one of those fullbacks that play with the center back or you got to take into consideration he's going to tend because he's a right-footed player playing on the left side of the pitch. even with a four-star weak foot, this would make him capable of using his left foot. but in FIFA, they have a dominant foot for a reason, they try to incorporate it to that foot in the majority of situations and scenarios. if you're talking about using him as a center-back, but he is six foot one.


#13 Schick - he doesn't have any other previous upgrades, so you're taking a bit of a gamble. the price point matches, one of the downfalls may be the only downfall is he doesn't fall into or fall down those stairs. the meta sizing for attacking players, normally you want someone five foot six maybe to five foot ten lean body type maybe you could push that to five foot eleven, there's always exceptions to the rule, but if we're being general here, he's outside of the normal range at six foot one.


#12 Laporte - he has a similar issue to Christensen, but a better player or a better FUT item if we're talking FIFA, but still has not the highest of agility or balance. so that's something to take into consideration.


#11 Richarlison - his body type will be a concern, he's built with that extra thickness, especially if you're looking for free flow, fluidity, turning. is this an improvement? no doubt. from his previous FUT items, but are you looking for a Neymar type of player, absolutely not. even with the high dribbling, it's misleading. and his price point is too high. the one exception that he would go up the list is if you prefer him as a center mid if that's his mainstream role. because his defensive numbers are decent. having a bigger body type is no longer a concern or skepticism in the same manner and his stock would maneuver.


#10&9 Phillips vs Locatelli - player comparison between them is that the total stats separated by five, maybe more important is the allocation is nearly identical, so it comes down to personal preference, your choice on who you need, what do you prefer in terms of when you get them into a game. overall these two players nearly identical in many regards. 


#8 Isak - technically this is his fifth iteration, he's unique, unorthodox, and impressive. he doesn't need to stand up to stand out. 


#7 Dumfries - a very special FUT item, barely human. he's become a masterpiece maybe the future of defenders, more versatile than expected. he is the most center-back-shaped fullback we have in FIFA 21. as a fullback, you will be pleasantly surprised. not defensively, but his lateral, side-to-side movement are great, he was not an offensive liability. he even looked okay with some of the skill moves. and he's going to be able to play both sides of the pitch.


#6 Shaqiri - he has a certain smoothness to the operation, it was almost automated like a Tesla.


#5 Kimmich - both offensively defensively, with the upgrade on the skills, as well he has better stats than some of your favorite attackers. he is a better finisher on paper.


#4 Modrić - he's so responsive, the ease of the operation, his touches are so clean and precise.


#3 Kevin De Bruyne - he has the upgraded pace, he's bursting through the midfield, and this is what a lot of folks had as an expectation, this was the relationship they wanted to have with kdb and it wasn't working in comparison to other players in those price points or with those ratings. now it has shifted, welcome them into your starting eleven.

#2 &1 Ronaldo vs Messi - it'd be nice if we took a deeper dive into the breakdown of what you're paying for what are you investing between these two players in comparison to their other iterations. 

we're going to get started with Messi, which might even be a bigger upgrade comparatively to Ronaldo if we're looking at previous versions and what's kind of shifted. the pace is a real upgrade, sprint speed now at a 93, acceleration is a 99. none of the previous Messi versions have been in the 90s for that sprint speed, so that's the big shift. the stamina is significantly higher and the strength went up. he also has this favorable body type whereas turning is unbelievable, his natural evasiveness, it's different. if you played with Messi this year, then you can relate, you understand.


Cristiano Ronaldo at a 99 overall, easy to argue the best player in the game. we don't know if it's going to be a drastic change from some of the previous versions, you can see all the stats go up a little bit, all in the right places.

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