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The Funnest Rare WoW Classic TBC Items You Should Have

7/6/2021 7:06:20 PM

WoW Classic The Burning Crusade's item database contains more than 26000 items, now most of those items are just plain regular gear items, consumables, reagents, and whatnot,but among the big list also lies a lot of very interesting fun and hidden items. In this guide, we are going over some fun items added in WoW Classic TBC that you can obtain right now - most of those are just fun novelty items, but some of them have actual useful uses as you will see.

1. Mr. Pinchy

Mr. Pinchy is a rare item which reads the following, speak with Mr. Pinchy and be granted a wish - maybe something good, maybe something bad, Mr. Pinchy does not know. Upon using this item which by the way has a reported 0.2 chance to drop from these fish schools, you will trigger one of five effects, it either summons a level 70 mob which will assist you in combat for 10 minutes, summons a level 70 enemy mob which will attack you instantly gives you a gift box with 5 healing and 5 mana potions, a buff that increases your health by 1200 and acts as a flask for 2 hours or the best thing that you could get a pet, the magical crawdad box containing a magical crawdad. This pet is so rare that it's actually part of an achievement in Wrath of The

Lich King which rewards you with the title Salty, so you may want to get this now if you want this achievement in the future when Classic Wrath of The Lich King is eventually released. So that's Mr. Pinchy, a funny item with a 0.2 drop chance from fishing and gives five random phony effects, one of which rewards you with a very rare pet.

How To Get: In the high plateau of schedus in Tarakar Forest you will come across these schools of fish in the lake. Most of the time fishing in those schools will just get you some regular outland fish that you can get everywhere else, but on rare occasions, if you're patient enough you will be able to catch Mr. Pinchy.

2. Orb of The Blackwhelp

Upon use this item, turns you into a blackwhale playing for 15 minutes, you can move and jump but you cannot attack or cast spells while being transformed, otherwise the effect breaks. This item is actually pretty hidden and you are going to know where to look for it to get it.

How To Get: It's sold by a vendor in Blade's Edge mountains which is actually hostile to players and is in a cave with a bunch of other hostile mobs, the way you interact with them is by killing the mobs around the inside and the outside of the cave until you get 5 costume scraps. Upon getting the 5 scraps, you can then turn them into a costume and finally be able to interact with a vendor to buy the Orb of The Blackwhelp among a bunch of other items, most of which are obtainable elsewhere, but we like this Orb of The Blackwhelp because it is one of the few items that can turn you into a different creature in the game as of TBC, and it's always cool to use these items around in a city and get people to wonder how you did that. 

3. Time-Loss Figurine

Similar to the Orb of The Blackwhelp, playing this item is one of a few items in the game that can turn you into a different creature and narakoa in this case for five minutes. Unlike the Orb of The Blackwhelp playing, you can actually still fight while being transformed after using this item and there's actually three models of Arakkoa you can transform into and you can actually use a bunch of emotes with it like dance, wave, sit, etc. 

How To Get: This item drops from Tirok - an elite mob which you can summon once the Shatari Skyguard reputation is added to the game which should be added soon enough, phase two at the latest we would guess. 

4. X-52 Rocket Helmet

It can be used by anyone regardless what it does is it launches you very high in the air leaves you with 50 of your health and gives you a parachute effect for the duration of the fall, and unfortunately it only works in Outland and not even inside Outland instances, so you can't skip to the last boss of ramparts or underbook. The only real use we could see for this is to confuse someone who's chasing you in PVP after you break combat since it isn't usable in combat or if you want a suicide button at hand, although this has a 30 minute cooldown, so you'd need to be under 50 health first. But nonetheless, this item is a nice fun item to have, on Wowhead.Com, someone actually suggested a very fun macro to use: for enginners with their roflcopter mounts, entertain your friends by haveing this helmet equipped and hitting this macro occasionally. 

How To Get: This item is a quest reward from a quest chain in Netherstorm which ends with the quest U Robot - the one where you have to protect a fell river from another fell river, pretty hard to solo, but doing so will reward you with this item. 

5. Engineering Teleporters

The engineering teleport trinkets are actually fun and useful to have, just like in Classic WoW, where you had to have no machine engineering to be able to teleport to Gadgetzan or goblin engineering to be able to teleport to Everlook. 

How To Get: In WoW Classic TBC, you can make the Toshley's Station teleporter in Blade's Edge mountain if you're an amish engineer or the area 52 trinket in Netherstorm if you're a goblin engineer. This trinket can be a big time saver, especially if you're not in Outland and your hearthstone is on cooldown or something, but we feel like this is way more expensive to make than the vanilla trinkets were, you actually need a lot of expensive stuff to make these. So be ready to break the piggy bank that being said this is a fun and very useful item, what's more, using these teleporters can give you a few side effects - the funniest one is when you get turned into a random race in the game, it's always fun to see a tauren paladin in the game pre-cataclysm. Anyway you can easily to buy WoW Classic TBC gold on AOEAH.COM if you are short of gold for preparing the expensive stuff for the teleporters.

6. Illidari Tabard

This is one of the coolest tabard in the game as of now, there's actually two colors and both of them look really cool. 

How To Get: To get this it's pretty simple, but you'll need a group to do the quest tie to it. You first need to kill an elite mob in Shadowmoon Valley called Val'zareq The Conqueror. Upon killing him, loot him and you will get The Journal of Val'zareq, this will start a quest which you can turn into the Crystal Prison up the stairs in the path of Conquest. You can then start the last quest which suggests five players to help you. This will start an event which will summon 4 waves of enemies followed by a boss, they're pretty simple but it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. We recommend getting 4 other players along with you at least and you'll probably find other players doing the same quest most likely if your server is large enough. Upon completing this quest you can then go to Shattrath City, speak with a doll turn in the quest and receive a chest which has a chance to reward you with one of those two tabards.

7. Brazier Of Dancing Flames

Brazier of Dancing Flames is a midsummer fire festival event item which has been added with TBC Classic, so we should be able to get this item very soon from June 21st to July 5th. So what this item does is it allows you to place a brazier on the ground, you can then target the mob on top of the brazier and do a slash dance to turn yourself into a fiery dancing draenei, this is the definition of a novelty item that's basically all you can do, but it looks amazing so you should get it for this reason.

How To Get: You can get this item from the Midsummer Fire Festival vendor, which should be in any capital city for 350 Burning Blossoms. If you have the disgusting oozling pet, you can turn into a green dancing flame instead of a red one, just to stand out from everyone else.

8. Orb of The Sin'Dorei

Orb of The Sin'Dorei allows you level up your fantasy to be a blood elf warrior. Basically what this item does is it turns you into a blood elf for five minutes, similar to the Orb of Deception but basically always into a blood out. Unfortunately the item has a 30 minutes cooldown, so you can only be blood out for 5 minutes out of 30, but it's better than nothing.

How To Get: This item is actually not going to be obtainable in the game as of the time of writing this article, because this is obtainable in Magisters' Terrace - a dungeon added in phase 5 along with the Isle of Koldunas and Sunwell Plateau. It has a low chance to drop from every boss in the dungeon in both difficulties. Unfortunately, unlike the Orb of Deception, this is bind on pickup so you cannot trade it on the auction house or to your friends. 

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