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Rocket League Fast Aerial Tutorial (2021) - How To Fast Aerial Properly?

6/22/2021 10:20:29 AM

Fast Aerials might be the most misunderstood mechanic still in Rocket League, we've seen players all the way up into Diamond champ and even pushing on Grand Champion, they were doing their fast aerials wrong. So in this tutorial, we're going to be breaking down the most common mistakes when it comes to fast aerials to show you exactly how to fast aerial properly in Rocket League quickly though before

What Are The Common Mistakes On Doing Fast Aerials?

To start out this guide what we have to do is cover the most common mistakes when it comes to Fast Aerials: double jump, pull back, start boosting. 

Obviously this is the wrong way to do a fast aerial because you only start boosting at the end of the motion, so instead what a lot of players are told to do is aerial like this: boost, jump, pull back, jump, pull back. While this might look like a fast aerial, it looks like you're holding down boost and going fast the whole time, this is actually a mistake! We can tell you why by asking you one simple question:  why do you boost during a fast aerial? The obvious answer you might think of is "boost makes me go fast", but if that's what you think then you really don't understand the full story.

Well, let's ask a follow-up question: in what direction does boost make you go faster? You might be saying "boost makes me go in the direction my car is facing". But if you do this aerial the way that a lot of people do, where you tilt back jump and then finish tilting back, the actual thrust from your boost isn't pushing you straight up into the air until the very end of your aerial and that's literally it - that is the reason this aerial is bad because it takes an extra amount of time to get your nose pointed to the ceiling, whereas your goal with the fast aerial should be to get the nose of your car pointed to the ceiling as fast as possible. 

How To Fast Aerial Properly In Rocket League?

So let me show you the actual way you want to aerial. Instead of jumping, tilting back, jumping and finishing, what you need to do is:

  • 1. Jump, hold down jump as long as you can to get the most height possible

  • 2. Tilt back until your car is completely vertical

  • 3. Then jump once your nose is almost facing directly up

If you aerial this way, you will straight up get to the ceiling faster than if you do it the bad way,  so to recap the order of your inputs should be as follows:

1. Start by boosting the whole time, you need to make sure you're boosting from the start of your aerial

2. Then jump and tilt back your car simultaneously as quickly as possible

Tip: To actually start pulling down on your joystick before you take off, this is going to make it so that that pullback is instantaneous

3. Then from there you're pulling back until your nose gets straight up and only then do you actually double jump

Tip: If you're having trouble accidentally backflipping on your fast aerials, you got to make sure you let go of your joystick before you do that second jump. If you just pay attention to this, you should be able to fix it with a little bit of time; but if you're continuing to have problems with this one other quick fix you can do is turn up your dodge dead zone sensitivity in the settings.

Best Fast Aerial Training Packs

Here we drop some of training packs to test your fast aerial and to actually see if you're doing this right:

Double Jump Aerials by doomsday

This pack is super good for testing your fast aerials is because almost all the shots after shots three and four require you to get above the ball really quickly. If you're using the old method of aerialing, you'll be able to get up to some of the shots but not all of them. Take shot three for example, this ball is coming straight back at us and if we try the old method of aerialing, we're going to fly right under it so make sure you tilt all the way back aerial from there and you'll realize how much of a difference this actually makes. Also another quick tip on these balls that are pretty high up in the air and pretty close to your takeoff location what you want to do before you jump is actually hit the brakes - hit the brakes just a little bit before you take off to make sure you don't have too much forward momentum and you can get high enough up to hit the ball.

Aerial Shots - Redirects & Aerial Shots - Pass by POQUITO

Aerial Shots - Pass is a little more high paced but they are both really good for practicing your fast aerials.

This is our tutorial in how to fast aerial properly in Rocket League, we really do hope that helped you fix your aerials. AOEAH.COM will bring you more professional Rocket League guide to help you improve your gameplay, if you want to build up your battle-car, our cheap Rocket League credits and items will benefit you.

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