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Madden 21 Offense Guide - Essential Passing Tips To Do Every Play For Beating Any Defense

4/29/2021 3:07:37 PM

In this Madden 21 offense guide, we are going over essential passing tips and tricks that everybody should be doing and using on pretty much every play that you're passing the ball. So whether you're a beginner or you consider yourself more of an expert at Madden 21, hopefully, you'll learn something through the course of this guide. And if you are collecting top rated players to strength your team, don't forget to buy cheap MUT 21 coins from AOEAH.COM. 

1. How To Presnap Audibles?

If you want to do an audible, a specific receiver to an audible route you just have to hit Y triangle then it'll bring up the receivers you choose which receiver you want, and then it'll also bring up your hot routes which are going to be basically the function you have to select to make that receiver do that specific route. 

In a simple cover two beaters, you need to basically get a route open sure enough just putting that receiver on the flat is gonna get the trick done, so pretty much every play you're going to have to do something like this. 

2. How To Pass Protection?

If you wanted to block a tight end or running back, it would be the same way as you would put a receiver on a different route, you would just basically hit the right trigger the R2 button to actually block that individual player. But you can also do things like max protect slide protection things. If you slide protection, you can basically get sealed to the point where you can roll out if you're trying to hit a one plate touchdown. You also have the ability to double team an individual player, so if you have a superstar player that's really wreaking havoc in the backfield, you basically just have to hit down on the right stick then you got to pick which one of these players is giving you the most problems so they'll get blocked by two different players.

3. How To Lob or Bullet?

Here we have the different types of passes: augmented passes really make a lot of openings that weren't necessarily there before, lobbying is one of the most consistent passes that will beat man coverage. So if you notice you have a man coverage or a four quarters which is what this turns out to be if you even have a slow receiver like George Kittle is a tight end, you can beat just about any cornerback by lobbing it. If you would have bullet past this, it would have either been intercepted or knocked down to say the least but since you lob past it. That's really the way that you're going to beat man in this year. Even when you have a lot of space, we see a lot of people online just basically robo bullet passing just about every other play, there was a lot of space but if we would have lobbed it, he probably would have had a catch instead he has a pick six. So that's really important this year when it comes to man coverage - when it comes to zone coverage is typically when you're bullet passing because it's a little bit different. When it comes to high passing or low passing, low passing is really good against man coverage, high passes are really going to be more effective against zone coverages. 

4. How To Pass Lead?

A solid pass lead is what makes the receiver get open right here, this is not going to get open if you just throw a straight pass that safety is going to make a play on it, but if your bullet and pass lead outside. Pass leading is really simple, all you have to do is while you're hitting the B button or whatever receiver you're throwing at, you're going to hit the left analog stick at the same time.

Then we also have the importance of the catch type which is either a safe catch or a rat catch, they're probably the most important out of all the catching functions. If you want to guarantee that you don't get hit and lose the ball, the safety catch is one of the most important ones; when you're in a crowd right there, a safe catch dropping down protects the ball. Rat catches are also really important when it comes to one-play touchdowns, a lot of times you have to hit a rat catch to make a one play touchdown happen even close to the sideline. But ultimately you can also hit a rat catch to turn a short play into a big play. Basically, a rat catch means that they won't slow down and come back to the ball, and then you can get more out of pretty much every play. 

5. How To Playmaker?

Ultimately the last thing is going to improve and that's basically going to be things like playmaker. When the receiver turn receiver up the field, all you got to do is control the closest receiver by hitting the right stick in whatever direction you want him to run. You can make some really big plays especially against man coverage, a lot of times turning a player up against man coverage is going to be an easy way to beat a man coverage if you lob pass after that point. The last option is to throw the ball away, now this is something that you only need to do. 

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