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FIFA 21 Best Trading Methods - How To Trade With A 100K Coins Budget

1/5/2021 11:12:00 AM

In today’s tutorial, we are discussing five different methods as to how you can trade with a 100k coin budget. And the range goes for people that have 80k to 120k. so this is essentially around a 100k coin budget trading guide. some of the things you can do very efficiently as well. so we're gonna get into that in this tutorial - five really good methods.

#1 Silver Trading

The silver method can help you snipe from the cheapest one. For example, 650 is the cheapest premier league rare or premier league silver. And what you need to do is only snipe underneath, anything at 550 and under you will be able to make a profit on. this is all about sniping, it's all about learning the certain buy price for the card and learning where these cards are selling at. And what you can do is at some point of the day you can put a start price and wait for what they get bidded on. This method is one of the easy ways to make coins. 

#2 Special Card Filter

Another way you can make coins is through a special card filter and the filter is the 10 20 30. so what you do is you go 10 you go 20 and you go 30. what you're looking for is past specials, players that have an open bid. For example, you see that Morata is 13.2k and look through Morata on the market to see how much what's he been selling for. so he's 14k coins right now, he was at 14~14.7K. you can see the fluctuation on this card, so anything in the 13K is pretty good. so this method is really good just for bidding on cards. 

#3 Low Budget Sniping Filters

Low budget sniping filters will always be different, there will be some set ones that are always going to be something you can do. some of them may pop as new filters. so for example the La Liga Gold Common Right Mids, all you need to do, which the silver method, is just snipe underneath the cheapest card. so the cheapest card here is 750 coins and what you do is you just sell it for whatever it goes for. some of these may go for like 1.1K, you never know in the filter. but it's all about looking at these low budget sniping filters and buying the cheapest one. it's a very simple way to make coins and it's right in front of you like these methods are right in front of you. all it takes is for you to put in a little bit of effort, if you buy the card for 550, you go and check what the cheapest one is on the market. and you undercut that by 50 coins. and most of the time it does sell. because those cards are needed for SBCs. people maybe are doing objectives for whatever reason, you never know. There are always gonna be cards that sell. so that is something you can be looking at doing is low budget sniping filters.

#4 Chem Style Trading

Now another thing you can look at doing is chem style trading. The filter range is 10.2k to 10.7k, 15k, and 15 million. the last price doesn't really mean that much in the grand scheme of things. Right at this moment, there's a lot of special cards being listed up. So you normally don't have as many pages being listed. so we have a lot of these at 10.7k. And you want to avoid the UCL cards for the most part in terms of getting on bids. And all you need to do is to put 11k or something like that and get one card listed above the hour in this filter. So that you can compare price snipe on that player and then a new card will pop up with a shadow card that is listed at a minimum start price. Now not every card on this filter is a buy, but what you're looking for in this is a player with a shadow that is 1k to 2k cheaper than his actual going price. So that you can sell it at whatever premium the player is going for. And now you might be wondering how are you going to be able to make coins with this method? Well, you obviously need to learn to study prices, and on a lower budget scale, this could be a quick little method. 

#5 Fluctuation Trading

here's how you fluctuate trades. So this is on a lower tier budget as well, you can do this with around 100K coins. For example, you look at a player like Chris Smalling, they have him up right now at 19.2k and his hourly is gone from 18k, and all the way to 19k, then back down to 17.7k, then up to 18.7k, down to 18k, up at 18.7k, down to 17.5k. And now he's at his highest for the day at 19.2k. if he hits a high on a price, go check to see if he actually sells at that price. Put those higher bids put on your transfer targets. If they do sell at their highest price, then it’s actionable. you're looking for a snipe that can make your coins when it hits that fluctuation up again. why do cards fluctuate? the reason why they do is that they're out of packs. so whatever supply is coming onto the market is just a bunch of people listing at the same time. and that's why fluctuation training doesn’t have a consistent time for cards to be at their lowest point for the day. it's random and it’s whenever there's less buying power in the market for a certain hour. So it’s more a timing consuming method because you need to constantly check the market price, but the reward is worth your time.

These methods are all pretty good ways to make coins, but what’s important is to find what’s the best way for you.

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