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D2R 2.6 Mosaic Assassin Build (Close to POE Build) - Season 3 Martial Arts Assassin Build

3/7/2023 2:42:43 PM

It is essentially uh as close to a POE build as you'll get in any other game that you could play that's similar to Poe, he is Diablo 2 still the season that been playing and in this season a pretty overpowered Rune world was introduced  that a lot of people jumped onto because it's just obviously blatantly strong, and that is the Mosaic Runeword for assassin, essentially, what it does is enable all of your Martial Arts skills from the martial arts assassin build at once, so conventionally what you're supposed to do with your Martial Arts assassin is run up hit with a certain skill to gain charges once you have a certain amount of charges of that scale you use a finishing move and unleash those charges generating some sort of damage type of ability through that interaction, losing your charges, and then having to build them up again to go with another attack.


Mosaic Runeword

What this runeword does is give you 50 chance to not consume those charges, and if you wear two of them that means you are never consuming any of your charges, if you do that, you can continue spamming finishes to unload the skills that you've chosen and when you spam finishes, it refreshes your charges as well. once you enable one of the claws or one of the runewords, it starts to take off and become a bit more of a martial arts fun build, once you get the second claw second rune word, it becomes something entirely different, and goes up by like five to ten times in power, and then you are playing quite possibly one of the most powerful builds to ever exist in D2, of course like hammerdin is still seen as like the most powerful all-rounder, but that requires some serious gear to become really good, this build is something that can end up clearing the entire game.

Attributes & Stats for Mosaic Assassin Build

Strength: 156

Dexterity: 113

Vitality: 397

Energy: 58

Skill Tree for Mosaic Assassin Build

Martial Arts: 20 points to Phoenix Strike, 20 points to Fists of Fire, 20 points to Claws of Thunder, 20 points to Blades of Ice, 1 point to Cobra Strike, 1 point Tiger Strike, 2 points to Dragon Talon.

Shadow Disciplines: 1 point to Claw Mastery, 1 point to Burst of Speed, 12 points to Fade, 1 point to Weapon Block.

You do basically try and max out Phoenix Strike, maxed out claws of Thunder, because we wanted the AOE, then we maxed out Blades of Ice for extra cold damage, then we maxed out Fists of Fire so that you can get more meteor damage. Other than that pretty much a point in everything and then maxing out phases as much as we can as much strength as you need as much decks as you need and then the rest in Vitality, pretty easy stuff loads of the resist without Fade, with fade becomes that so it becomes pretty tanky and that's all there is to it.

Gear Setup for Mosaic Assassin Build

Weapon: Feral Claws (Mosaic) / Greater Claws (Mosaic)

Body Armor: Wire Fleece (Hustle)

Ring: Angelic Halo

Amulet: Angelic Wings

Helm: Harlequin Crest

Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp

Belt: String of Ears

Boots: Gore Rider

Large Charm: Hellfire Torch

Mercenary for Mosaic Assassin Build

Weapon: Blade Bow (Harmony)

Body Armor: Duriel’s Shell

Helm: Demonhead (Bulwark)

Farming Tips for Mosaic Assassin Build

Farming really well taking on all immunity types, and because you deal all damage types, and then it can also do Uber bosses, because it is still basically just a Kicksin and it kicks in is one of the best Uber farming characters out there, because you can stack crushing below applying that crushing blow through kick very efficiently, and as well as that you can become pretty tanky with fade over capping resists,  really good AOE damage, really good single Target damage, and it doesn't cost too much to put together, all that combined pretty OP build you can see that in the current case of these this Tara cow Zone, you basically choose between Phoenix Strike Stacks so you can stack up everything else to your maximum, but Phoenix Strike, if you only do one stack then it'll keep unleashing the media off a single Target if you do two stacks, it'll keep unleashing a lightning Airway which is your best clear, and if you do three stacks, it will do these ice bolts that then help freeze, but they don't clear as well they don't single Target as well, and then you can see the comparison to the old D2 system with how this would have looked back in the day, pretty crazy, pretty ridiculous, and it is definitely a flash bang style build, but it's also nice to appreciate what the game looks like with this updated modern system, so all in all, it becomes a very fun build, once it's online and possibly one of the funnest builds you can currently do in D2, so they do still occasionally update with a few little additional runewords and stuff, and it's just pretty crazy stuff,  it's like a Poe cast on crit build, and it is just a Diablo 3ified runeword just more power we guess for more power, it is a bit of a clumsy play style and you are momentum based, this is an attempt at trying to face tank all of the Ubers,  you farm up some key sets, you farm up organs that then from those key sets that then open up a portal to Uber Tristram and then you fight Diablo Mephisto and Baal in a much more difficult setting, you're supposed to kind of like split them up and then 1v1 them and crushing blue is what takes care of them, because it does a percent of their life.

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