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7 Best Final FIFA 22 Rebuilds - Best Teams To Rebuild In FIFA 22 & 23

9/7/2022 3:56:55 PM

It's no secret that FIFA 22 is coming to an end, but despite this, there are still a couple of different discord messages in the community where people have asked for rebuild suggestions. So in today's guide, we put together 7 teams you can either do as your final FIFA 22 rebuild or your first FIFA 23 rebuild.

7 Best Final FIFA 22 Rebuilds - Best Teams To Rebuild In FIFA 22 & FIFA 23 

A fresh Career Mode save file is required whenever a new FIFA game is released. It's up to you as the manager to decide where your Career Mode save goes after playing with your favorite team. Due to the subtlety of each year's gameplay in FIFA, there are always a select few squads that are better than their ratings would indicate. Their balance of youth, speed, skill, and budget make them ideal to dominate domestically and continentally. Here are 7 best teams to rebuild in FIFA 22 & FIFA 23 rebuilds on Career Mode.

Best Team To Rebuild In FIFA 23 -  Everton

Everton have spent 450 million pounds on the team over the past 5 years, yet somehow they find themselves facing a possible relegation to the championship. With this much money to spend and the history that Everton have, there's a big fanbase, a big club, a big stadium relegation really could be fatal. You can see them going the same way as someone like Derby County or Sunderland in the future, and that's why we recommend you rebuild Everton on your next FIFA career mode.

It would be a super fun save with the amount of money they have to spend some of the youth players they already have, and there's the general vibe of playing as Everton, it's going to be a fun save no matter what you do. If you look at their squad, you can see they've signed a couple of big name players this summer. You've got Conor Coady, James Tarkowski and new signing Amadou Onana who have all come in and they're all definitely premier league standard or better. But what you're going to be doing is starting off with the real FIFA 22 squads, so you'll still have Richarlison at your club. He's worth quite a lot, so you should sell him if you're interested in doing a rebuild, selling for about 45 to 50 million pounds and combine this with the generated transfer budget of 50 and you'll have a hundred million pounds to fully rebuild a FIFA squad in the Premier League. You can try and emulate real life maybe sign Conor Coady, Ruben Vinagre, Dwight McNeil, James Tarkowski and Amadou Onana, but this will set you back around half of your £100m. If you do this, this will give you about 50 million pounds left to spend and there's two different areas you should look at. 

- With Dominic Calvert-Lewin being fairly prone to injuries and really not that great on FIFA, it's definitely worth spending a big chunk of your 50 million on another first class striker and probably a winger as well. Don't look past recalling Moise Kean for a very cheap option if you need a fairly average striker to back up Calvert-Lewin, but if you want someone who's a bit more of a pacey direct option, who's more of a big name first choice striker, try to rescue Anthony Martial from his hell at Manchester United. His stats show he can still be an effective Premier League striker as long as you're not playing a pressing style of football. He has very low stamina and really poor interception stats, but despite that he's got the pace the finishing and the off the ball stats that mean he can definitely bag at least 15 to 20 goals a season on FIFA 22 Career Mode.

- The second place you have a look at was the wingers and for this, Marcus Edwards would be a solid choice from Sporting if you can survive the first window without him, as he has only just joined the Portuguese runners up. Former Liverpool winger Ryan Kent could be an effective counter attack winger if pace is your objective, or Dwight McNeil if you’re playing a more patient build up.

Best Final Team To Rebuild In FIFA 22 - Fiorentina

The second team on this FIFA 22 rebuilds list is Fiorentina. They're a similar team but based in Italy, they're known as La Viola or the Violets thanks to the colour of their kits, and they're one of the most successful Italian teams ever. They've got two Serie A titles, they've won the Italian cup six times and they were even the Champions League runner-up in 1957. They're one of the seven Sisters of Italian football and they definitely peaked in the late 90s. They had 2 of the best players of all time in their squad at the same time, Roberto Baggio and Gabriel Batistuta. They're a bit underrated to modern football fans, but these two up front was absolutely lethal. Baggio dropped off, Batistuta got him behind and absolutely beans some shots in the back of the net. The rest of the squad was also names you probably still know, Manuel Rui Costa, Brian Laudrup, Stefan Effenberg, Batistuta, Federico Chiesa’s Dad, and Enrico. Luca Toni was there and Rui Costa has also played for Fiorentina. You're going to be trying to bring Fiorentina back to where they belong, so the general Fiorentina way of playing career mode would be signing a strong call of Italian and Argentinian players. There's quite a lot of Argentinian players out there with Italian heritage, so you've got a good selection of players here and most of your squad should be Italian with 4-5 different Argentinian players.

You might be wondering why argentinian players are so wanted at Fiorentina, even Diego Maradona himself claimed that Gabriel Batistuta was the best striker that ever graced the face of the earth. He isn't an icon on Ultimate Team because he had powerful play, he was absolutely lethal in the box and this made him feared in his career, if you can get a player like this through your youth academy from Argentinian, he's definitely worthy of being batter stutters heir. In nine years in Florence, Batistuta got almost a religious adulation from the Curva Fiesole and he's in the top 10 all-time leading scorers in Serie A history with 168 goals in 270 games for Fiorentina. So there's two goals you can try and get to get a youth player from Argentinian and score 175 goals in less than 300 games and you've finally got a player better than Batistuta to Fiorentina. 

Final FIFA 22 Rebuild -  Sunderland 

Sunderland are a bit of a fallen giant, in real life, they've been promoted from League 1 to the championship. On FIFA, they have a real stadium, they have a good budget for championship level and they can definitely fully rebuild with that amount of money. They've also got quite a few good young youth players, the fact that Chelsea and Man City squads are so big on FIFA means that some of these players are alone in real life, but on FIFA they've been giving them on permanent deals. This means you've got some very good young talent coming through at Sunderland right now on FIFA that probably isn't there in real life anymore. Because of this, the rebuild will be fun, trying to get them back up to the Premier League where they spent so many years since the year 2000. 

FIFA 23 Rebuild Team -  West Ham

West Ham would be another good choice, they've got a high average age in their squad, they've got a decent budget and a really big stadium. But what they do have is a few very good Premier League level players. Thomas Kok and Declan Rice are both very good in midfield, they've recently signed Scamacca in real life, so you can try and sign him on your career mode and you've got a lethal striker finally to replace Antonio. In general, west ham is an interesting team, they have the bubbles at the start of every match, they've got a really nice stadium and they're in the Premier League. 

FIFA 23 Career Mode Team To Rebuild - Turkish League

This isn't a club, but it's actually an entire league. The Turkish League is full of clubs with big names, old squads and large budgets, especially for the sort of level the Turkish league is at. This means you can sign an entire new team of younger players and you'll be able to dominate the league for years to come. Basically, any team in the Turkish league is eligible for a rebuild in FIFA 22 or FIFA 23. 

Final FIFA 22 Best Rebuild -  Mexican & Japanese

Next up is two leagues that are actually leaving FIFA, so this is the last chance you'll have to rebuild any teams in Mexico or Japan. Why not check them out before they leave the game? You've got teams like Vissel Kobe in there, you've got America in Mexico, they're both very good squads and they both have very unique kits. They've got some interesting players and definitely look into their histories because very unique clubs. 

FIFA 22 Rebuild Team - Granada

They had a really high average age, but it's come down a little bit, but they still do have around 6 players over the age of 31 in their starting 11. They're in need of a total rebuild from start to back with all the young players that they're outside the squad, they do have a couple, they've got Luis Suarez, the young one from South America, they just need a general total rebuild and Granada would be a really fun save. 

These are all the best teams to rebuild in FIFA 22 before it ends and they are also can be the best FIFA 23 rebuilds. 

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