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POE 3.19 Shield Charge Ignite Elementalist Build Guide: Best Gears & Jewels To Revamp The Juicy Mapper

9/6/2022 5:59:43 PM

In the Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra League, the Shield Charge Ignite Elementalist Build is still the juicy mapper after revamping with some great items! This guide will go over how you can get these chaining pro-lift explosions to rampage on maps.

POE Shield Charge Ignite Elementalist Playstyle

Basically, the thought of this build is it's a mapper. Whenever you have a movement skill that can act as your primary damage dealer, you have a huge upside because usually, the way it goes is you have a skill and then you go into the pack, you press your main skill, and everything explodes cool. But if you can save that one click, basically you save half your clicks, you're always on the move, and you never have to click anything, it's not just cozy but it's also a clear speed monster. So back to Path of Exile 3.19 and there are actually a lot of new things to work with, not only that we also found a lot of new tech for this build, but also the perfect kind for this new rarity meta because it doesn't really need jewel. 

Overall this build has been stupidly fun and reminds me of the old shield charge cast on crit discharge builds, charging into a pack and exploding the whole screen while this is definitely not a bosser, the map clear has been absolutely incredible.

Why Choose Shield Charge Ignite?

High Base Damage

Shield charge is not really known for doing that much damage but it actually does quite a bit of damage, now why do people not use it as a damage dealer usually well the main reason is that it's kind of clunky it deals its most amount of hit damage at maximum charge distance. But for ignite, you don't have that and what scales are the flat physical damage? Shield Charge Ignite has a bunch of physical damage that depends on how much armor or evasion you have on your shield, and it comes out to a lot of damage similar to what a two-hander would have.

Another Multiplier with Phys as extra Elemental/Chaos

But the biggest upside of shield charge is that you can use a weapon as a stat stick, you don't need a physical weapon, which leaves you open to scale stuff like physical damage as extra cold damage or physical as any other damage type, because we're Elementalist you can even do physical as extra chaos, all of those are basically multipliers to your damage because you have shaper of flames. And this is important to know because you can craft something like this here you can get three to four times physical as extra on a scepter. Basically, it's just a huge boon to have your weapon free and not have to scale physical damage on your weapon and instead put it on your shield. So we have high base damage and another multiplier with physics extra which is really huge because ignite doesn't have attack speed as a scaling mechanism.

Divine Inferno Jewel

Divine Inferno jewel is a crazy buff for this build, basically what it does is whenever you press Infernal Cry and you exert an attack which shield charge can, the attack deals 60% more damage with ignite. 

It's a movement skill

A reason why GGG makes their movement skills not deal that much damage is that they know that if there was like an OP movement skill that could also deal a lot of damage, everybody would be using it, why would you be using a movement skill and then the damage dealer? Shield charge ignite comes pretty close to being OP in that sense because it does have a lot of damage.

POE 3.19 Shield Charge Ignite Elementalist Gear Guide

On the passive tree, we're probably going to go for a triple cluster setup, while at the same time, we will use the below items including jewels, gears to upgrade the build to a higher level:


Large Cluster Jewel

Craft these 12 passive physical damage clusters then you can get a 3% attack and cast speed per node which you can then scale up to 4% if you have the 35% increased effect node. Basically, the increased physical damage scales your ignite because all your damage is physical that then gets added as extra, this all scales with global physical damage. We know this is rather confusing because you have Shaper of Flames and have ignite with fire damage, but it matters where the damage comes from and if the damage comes from physical, it also scales the ignite.

Divergent Onslaught Support

You also want Divergent Onslaught Support that gives you 20% attacking Casper during onslaught on top of everything else already. If you have a nice and smooth leveling setup, this will basically easily carry you up to level 46 obviously.

Grand Spectrums on Skill Tree

What we're kind of striving for is also getting to three jewel sockets as early as possible. That's because we have these Grand Spectrums that give you like 45% increased damage once you have all three slotted in which for leveling is obviously complete insanity. They do currently cost about 0.5 PoE divine orbs but the thing about leveling gears is you can always tell it after.

Belt: Ryslaths's Coil Studded Belt

With this belt, you have a little bit more physical attack damage maximum. Your roll ranges basically get higher or lower, and you have less minimum physical damage. however for an ignite build, this is insane simply because your enemy can only have one ignite and the lower ones always get overwritten, so the less minimum physical attack damage actually does not matter, it's only about the more maximum physical damage. So this one straight-up gives you sort of a 48% more damage multiplier. Especially against bosses where you can just stand there and do this until you get a good roll, we also have good ignite duration so it doesn't fall off immediately, we're not going to be using a replica ember wig for example.

Body Armor: 

Cloak of Flame Scholar's Robe

Level 5 Awakened Added Fire Damage Support

Level 21 Shield Charge

It doesn't really matter that much which body armor you do, the main problem with shield charge right now is that it doesn't actually scale that well over the hump of 24, like at level 24 there's a breakpoint where it goes from 5 to 7 added to 6 to 8 added per 15 armor, that is the one you're looking for. And you don't get to 6 to 9 until you level 34 and you can't really reach that realistically or at least it's not really worth it. So all you need on your chest is basically a plus 2 and then you want a level 5 Awakened Added Fire Damage Support and a level 21 Shield Charge on top that will be a level 24.

Gloves: Asenath's Gentle Touch

The reason Asenath's Gentle Touch works is because of proliferation. You might say you can't really get ignite proliferation onto the glove. With fan the flames, you can get ignite proliferation onto the glove, basically, you have ignite proliferation support which only works for the skill it's socketed into, but fan the flames is global proliferation, so this one also works for explosions. 

Rings:  Replica Tasalip's Sign

The most important item for leveling setup of this build is Replica Tasalip's Sign that just completely absurd flat damage, this level 20 ring gives you more damage than an added cold support at that level like far more actually. This one here times two, you can also amp this up with quality, elemental quality to be even crazier, as well as that they just buffed replica prism weave to also give you absurd amounts of flat damage. 

Amulet: Karui Ward

Karui Ward is really nice for spark leveling because you get that project speed, so you get a lot of accidental XP because the spark projectiles are flying off-screen and killing mobs.

Shield: Emperor's Vigilance

At level 46, you get Emperor's Vigilance, when you compare this to other shields at that level, it's completely mind-blowing. At level 46 you should not be getting almost 1 800 armor and like this amount of energy shield, it's completely busted and basically, once you have this shield up you can roll your shield charge and just have fun with it.

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