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Best Madden 23 Defensive Playbooks - Top 5 Playbooks for Madden 23 Defense

8/17/2022 11:56:22 AM

The official launch of Standard Edition Madden 23 is coming soon, what playbooks are the top-tier choices in Ultimate Team or Franchise Mode? In this article, we’ll get into the top 5 best Madden 23 defensive playbooks you can use in MUT 23 or Franchise. 

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Best Madden 23 Defensive Playbooks - Top 5 Playbooks for Madden (MUT) 23 Defense

Below is Ace Madden’s list of top 5 defensive playbooks in Madden 23, with an overview of good formations included in each playbook. 

Top 5 - 46 Playbook

Starting with the 46 Defense Playbook at the number five spot, it will be one of the best defensive playbooks in Madden 23 and probably worth at a higher position. Why is it good? 46 Normal has always been a good formation, you do have the speed package that gives your a lot of speed on the field. It always has some struggles defending the sidelines and stuff, so it’s not the best formation in the game, but you could definitely use 3-4 Bear, you also have some good Nickel formations. You have 3-3, which is previously 3-3-5 Normal, then you have 3-3 Cub instead of 3-3-5 Wide, with them you can gain a lot of speed at linebacker, and you are going to have three different safeties. Then you have Big Nickel Over G and Dollar, these are all classic. The only thing is it doesn’t really have a good 3-4 or 4-3, it is not that good in the base defense.

Top 4 - New England Patriots Playbook

Next, we have New England Patriots at number four, it has good formations out of both 3-4 and 4-3, you have 3-4 Odd, which is a good balance formation, you don’t have safeties at linebacker, but you can still get really good pressure, and you can technically make it work on some level. It has 3-4 Bear for you, and 4-3 Even 6-1, which is an extremely viable formation, it's going to be viable, especially where quarterbacks just can't get rid of the ball super quickly, this is a perfect formation to do it. Another reason that makes it good is that you have 3-3 Odd formerly 3-3-5 Odd,  it has a standard nickel normal look which is 2-4, except you have two outside linebackers instead of defensive ends. Then for Dime, you have 1-4 and Sugar Weak, which looks good, it’s symmetrical, and you can get a lot of edge pressure. This playbook has a unique formation that other playbooks do not have.

Top 3 - Kansas City Chiefs Playbook

Then looking at the Kansas City Chiefs at number three, this defensive playbook doesn’t have the best base formations, it has 4-3 Even 6-1, you can use this as a base formation, the other options such as 4-3 Under is not very good for a long time. But the benefit you can get from this playbook is with the speed formations. So Big Nickel Over G is a pretty good formation, you also have Dollar 3-2, another good speed formation. Being a balanced formation, it can hold up against the run and the pass, it’s going to be good, you have the perfect look to get edge pressure and have a lot of speed on the field. You have all the tools you need to stop the pass out of this playbook.

Top 2 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playbook

Now we are at the number two playbook Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you are not picking it for your base defense. You do have 3-4 Bear and Cub that is kind of like a 3-4 Odd, but a little bit more spread out. What makes the playbook standout is the Nickel formation, you have Nickel 3-3 Cub, 2-4 DBL MUG, you can expect it in Madden 23, and 2-4-5 Odd, this is something that a lot of people used in the past couple years. It was good as it holds up against the run and it can really box the pass. You also have two good Dime formations, you have 2-3 Will and 1-4. This is another good playbook to help you stop heavy passers.

Top 1 - Las Vegas Raiders Playbook

Lastly, the Las Vegas Raiders are ranked as the best defensive playbook in Madden 23. The reason that makes it amazing is that you have kind of everything except for like a 3-3 Normal, you have 3-4 Odd, 3-4 Bear, 3-4 Cub, you also have 4-3 Even 6-1, all the good base defenses that you need are here. Then you have Big Nickel Over G, Nickel 2-4, 2-4 DBL MUG, 3-3 Odd, and 3-3 Cub, all of the Nickel formations are useful. The only thing it kind of lacks is the Dime, Dime 2-3 Sam has the same look as a Dollar 3-2-6, it does give you the option versus like a spread look or if you want to get some additional speed, so it could say there is no weakness in this playbook. 

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