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FIFA 18 TOTY Is Voted By Community Now, Here Are 55 Nominees For FUT 18 Team of the Year

1/9/2018 4:09:35 PM

FIFA 18 TOTY (Team of the Year) is a big surprise! This time the Team of the Year will be chosen by community representatives. Here are the nominated players who can receive FIFA 18 TOTY cards.

FUT 18 Team of the Year is different than in the years before! So far, the TOTY was officially announced by FIFPro in early January of a year, whereupon EA Sports unveiled the TOTY cards.

This year, FIFPro announced the TOTY in October, but EA Sports is holding its January date. As the developers revealed, they are now looking for their own Team of the Year for 2017, the "EA Sports Team of the Year". This will be chosen from the 8th of January. Here is all information about it.


Which players are the candidates for FIFA 18 Team of the Year?

EA Sports has 55 FIFA 18 TOTY nominees to vote for. There is a basket of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and strikers. The nominated players showed outstanding performances in the field in 2017.

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees: Goalkeeper

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees - Goalkeeper

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees: Defenders

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees - Defenders

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees: Midfielders

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees - MidfieldersFIFA 18 TOTY Nominees: Strikers

FIFA 18 TOTY Nominees - Strikers

Who chooses the FIFA 18 Team of the Year in the Ultimate Team?

The "EA Sports TOTY" is chosen by community representatives. It is a matter of:

1. Selected media representatives,

2. Athlete

3. FIFA community members

These "hand-picked voters" represent millions of FIFA players around the world. On January 8 they will receive specially constructed ballot boxes with the 55 nominated player cards (see above). Each voice includes 3 strikers, 3 midfielders, 4 defenders and 1 goalkeeper in a 4-3-3 formation. Each ballot box recipient votes by posting a photo of his team using the #TOTYVote hashtag on social networks until January 12th.

However, the community representatives do not choose 100% TOTY themselves, but only 60%. The remaining 40% comes from EA employees.

The final team of the year will be announced from January 15, 2018 - one week later than expected.


How do I get FIFA 18 TOTY cards?

Once the TOTY players are available, you can pull them out of the packs for a limited time, as long as you bring good luck. Presumably there will be special pack offers during this period. After that, it will only be possible to acquire the TOTY players on the transfer market, where they will receive high prizes.

The following applies:

Once the TOTY cards are in the packs, the default cards of each player can not be removed from the packs.

A set must be able to contain rare Gold players to stand a chance on a TOTY player.

If you have a default card from a TOTY player, nothing happens with this card. If you want a TOTY player, you need to pull it out of sets or buy it on the transfer market.

The chances of drawing a TOTY player are as high as the chances of drawing the player's default card at a different time. 

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