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FIFA 18 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Event Release Dates, Offers, Market Crash in Ultimate Team

11/24/2017 5:39:11 PM

In FIFA 18 Ultimate Team mode, Black Friday and Cyber Monday events provide hourly changes and squad building challenges.

FIFA 18 - All about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday event in Ultimate Team

In FIFA 18 there are two new events this weekend: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Each year, these two actions are responsible for the biggest crashes on the FIFA Ultimate Team transfer market and give you the chance to make fantastic bargains 24 hours a day.

Unlike most holiday events in FIFA, such as Halloween or St. Patrick's Day, there are no colorful specials for FUT this time around. Instead, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, each hour begins every other hour for other special promotions, such as special squad building challenges or the so-called Lightning Rounds.


Release Date for FIFA 18 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As the names suggest, Black Friday launches on Friday, November 24 and Cyber Monday on Monday, November 27th. The actions start in Germany at 19 o'clock and then run for 24 hours.


Promotions and deals on FIFA 18 Black Friday and Cyber Monday

During the two events, FIFA 18 will launch a total of 48 special events (24 each day). EA Sports changes every hour between the following three options:

Promo FUT Packs: These unique sets are available for 60 minutes after the promotion begins. The promo packs can be very valuable and worth 15,000, 25,000 or even 100,000 FUT coins depending on the offer, but they also contain tons of rare cards.

Lightning Rounds: Here Ultimate Team offers a limited number of a specific card package. If you want to take advantage of this special offer, you have to strike fast while stocks last.

Flash Squad Building Challenges: In the 60-minute Squad Building Challenges, you create a team with certain prerequisites (for example, at least four nations must be represented in the team). Then you exchange this team for new card packages or other rewards such as FUT coins or a special jersey.

Free gift pack are unlikely to be given away at FIFA 18 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


FIFA 18 Market Crash During Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Already in the run-up to Black Friday FUT players want to collect as many coins as possible in order to be prepared for the special offers and to be able to afford all the promo packages and special sets. Therefore, they sell some of their best and most expensive cards early on the transfer market of Ultimate Team mode.

Every year, Black Friday leads to one of the biggest market crashes of the FIFA season. Due to the large mass of card offers, prices are falling rapidly. So, if you're looking for cheap players, Black Friday is the perfect time to go bargain hunting in the transfer market.

On Cyber Monday, this phenomenon is indeed still noticeable, but not so strong. Card prices on the FUT transfer market usually quickly pick up after Black Friday. That's why you should strike on Friday if possible and look around on Monday for the official special offers.

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