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FIFA 18 Corner Tutorial: Here's The Trick To Score Thierry Henry's Re-entrant Corner!

11/6/2017 5:47:25 PM

Making a corner on FIFA 18, like Thierry Henry scored in 2012, may seem difficult, we still explain the technique to you!

On FIFA 18, scoring on a head is not always easy, and for the return, you have to be well trained. Otherwise, you can try to enter your corners without the need for an attacker. We explain to you.



If the match between New York Red Bulls and Columbus Crew in September 2012 will not evoke anything for most readers, an event happened in the match is to mark a milestone. During this match, our national Thierry Henry managed to set the stage on fire.

With two goals and a decisive pass, the former Arsenal gunners' striker proved at first that at 34 years old one could always do beautiful things. We know that Americans do not distinguish between a football and a cup. But one of the goals scored was just spectacular.

He just shoots his corner, and instead of seeing a header or a hit, the ball will just hit the back post and get into the goal. Just that.


When we see this on TV, we immediately want to go on a field to try, by realizing afterwards that we are not Thierry Henry. So, we go home, and we turn on his console. So know that on FIFA 18, you can enter corners without the need of another player to give you a hand.

To achieve this performance, you must have a player with at least 80 of effect and power. Then, direct your target stack between the 2nd pole and the 6 meter line. Tap your corner at full power, and if all goes well, the ball will pass on a beautiful post returning. Certainly, you will not have done it in real life, but at least it relaxes a little more.

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