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FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial: How To Perform The New Cristiano Ronaldo’s Trick!

10/18/2017 11:07:42 AM

If you are going to make the new technical gesture - El Tornado that has inflamed the FIFA 18 users, here is a little guide to master it!

FIFA 18 has introduced a new special movement to its range of dribbling, El Tornado. Here's how to achieve it.

FIFA 18 El Tornado Tutorial - How To Perform The New Cristiano Ronaldo’s Trick!


Everyone could see this ad in which a player uses Ronaldo on FIFA 18. With brilliance, he manages to make a gesture completely wacky. The recording makes the buzz. And during the training, the comrades of CR7 challenge him to realize this trick for the less hazardous.

Zap on a match sequence where the real Cristiano takes us out El Tornado and scores the goal. The whole under the astonished eyes of fans and canvas. The ad ends on the Portuguese international, index in the air, and the following sentence that appears: "More than a game".

Seeing that, two choices are needed: try the IRL trick and put old good Cristiano in his place, or simply swallow his pride and take FIFA 18. You will have understood, we both want to be humiliated by CR7 trying to beat him, that sprinkler to be watered. That is to say not at all.



But let's go, you have FIFA 18 and all you need, let's move on to technical. You were already told about Ovvy, the Romanian youtube already quoted in a tutorial explaining how to stop penalties. In another video, he explains to us what to do to realize El Tornado without too many problems.

But keep in mind that this trick will be realizable by only four players for now: Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli and Roberto Carlos. This gives an idea of the prowess. Nevertheless, according to FIFA, if a player realizes El Tornado in real life, his character will unlock the trick on FIFA 18.

To realize it on PS4, hold L1, and move the right stick up first, and on one side (the one where you want the ball to arrive). Same gesture on Xbox One, L1 becomes LB.

It seems simpler explained like that, but the success of this gesture will also depend on your timing. This technique is generally used when you are back to the goalkeeper in order to return the ball by blowing it up, to finish on a good caviar. You will also be able to use it if a defender presses you, to pass it and to keep a check on the ball.

Check below video from LOKELANI to learn more details:

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