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2. You have to put a Rare Junk item in the trade window when trading with us.

D4 HC Season Gold 1M
0.02 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 5M
0.08 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 8M
0.14 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 10M
0.18 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 20M
0.35 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 30M
0.53 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 50M
0.88 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 80M
1.4 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 100M
1.75 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 200M
3.49 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 300M
5.24 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 500M
8.74 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 800M
13.98 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 1000M
17.47 USD

Buy Diablo 4 Ladder Season Hardcore Gold

Hardcore is a mode that introduces an additional layer of challenge and risk. If a player's character dies in Hardcore mode, they permanently lose that character and all of its belongings, including the gold, which serves as the primary currency used to buy D4 items, upgrade skills, talents and attributes, craft items, upgrade build to the top level, as well as to repair and upgrade equipment. In addition, D4 Gold can also be used to trade with other players for items or services. There are different ways to earn D4 Gold for Hardcore Ladder Season, such as defeating enemies, selling items, completing quests, or participating in specific gameplay features. But the easiest and fastest way is to directly buy Diablo 4 Gold Ladder Hardcore from AOEAH.COM, a professional game store for currencies purchasing, have earned great reputation on the market. Our Diablo IV Season Hardcore Gold Selling service allows you to quickly obtain the quantity that meets your needs in any urgent need. 

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