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Diablo 2 Resurrected Items Opening Simulator

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D2R Act 5 Boss Items Dropping Simulator - Open 10 Cards To Rank on Our Leaderboard and Win FREE Diablo 2 Resurrected Items

1. Complete FREE and no limit to the number of card openings to all players

2. You need to register, log in and active your account on our site before playing

3. Click each card to get the score (stats points of two items)

4. Open card one by one by clicking each card or Open all cards at one time automatically by clicking “OPEN ALL”

5. Make sure opening all 10 cards to rank on our leaderboad of Free D2R Items Giveaway

6. The role name is not allowed to be modified for the activity that is bound to the game ID. If the role name is wrong, this order will be voided.

NOTICE: Multiple accounts from same IP, cheating and robots is forbidden here! To Be Fair, please only register one account with your correct e-mail to play! Please do not open cards continuously for hours, otherwise it will be determined as suspicious by our system.

Please use the portrait screen to access the website