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2. You have to put a Rare Junk item in the trade window when trading with us.

D4 HC Season Gold 1M
0.02 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 5M
0.08 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 8M
0.14 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 10M
0.18 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 20M
0.35 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 30M
0.53 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 50M
0.88 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 80M
1.4 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 100M
1.75 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 200M
3.49 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 300M
5.24 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 500M
8.74 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 800M
13.98 USD
D4 HC Season Gold 1000M
17.47 USD

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