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Rocket League Summer 2018 Roadmap also shows optional paid Rocket Pass

5/12/2018 3:58:34 PM

Psyonix has released a Summer roadmap for the next few months for Rocket League. As a result, the developer plans to introduce the Rocket Pass, which allows players to unlock various cosmetic Rocket League items in the game - for an extra cash option. A new arena and a customized experience model are also coming.

Before the potentially more critical changes are pending, players will be rewarded with a new arena and the start of the new season in May. In addition, the developer releases "Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3" new music that players can hear while playing.

Rocket League Summer 2018 Roadmap


New DLC and World Championship in London

There will be an unnamed summer event in June, which is likely to be rewarded with some cosmetic rewards. In addition, the World Championship of the 5th Season takes place live in London. Players will also get the opportunity to receive items by watching. In addition, a "licensed premium DLC" will be released.


Big update for the Rocket League birthday

July is the Rocket League as every year in the sign of the birthday. This year, Psyonix brings the community with a major update and revamps the friends list and progress in leveling. In the future, players will be able to invite their friends beyond their own platform into the group. This is made possible by a friend list built into the game, which assigns an individual ID. This consists of a name and a number - e.g. Scarab # 7777th This further enhances gaming beyond platforms, further blurring the lines between Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. Whether a cross-play with PS4 players will be possible, is currently not known because Sony is known to cross.

However, the biggest revision concerns the progress system, which has not changed since its first publication in the summer of 2015. That should be changed now. In the future, there will be no level limit and the amount of experience level up will be the same each time. The required experience will also only be collected in online mode. How high the experience is depends on the length of each round and the points achieved. In addition, players receive bonuses when they finish the round, stay in the lobby in normal mode, or play with friends at a party. In addition, events are planned to give players twice the amount of experience on weekends.

Players who have been playing games for years should, according to Psyonix, gain experience in the amount of a certain amount - measured by the individual playing time. Ascending the level allows players to unlock and equip rare items. Those who exceed level 100 will receive additional upgradable titles and banners to show their status.


Rocket Pass is reminiscent of Fortnite's Battle Pass

With the Rocket Pass, Rocket League wants to introduce a Fortnite-style Battle Pass that allows shoppers to unlock cosmetic items and titles. You play as normal and unlock more levels in the pass, which in turn unlock unique rewards. Players have the opportunity to follow the Rocket Pass on free or paid paths. If you choose the paid version, you should get the chance to see it before unlocking all the items.

The Rocket Pass should always be available for a few months before being replaced by a new Rocket Pass. Psyonix wants to give players new ways to unlock items and titles. The Rocket Pass is currently under development and will receive more information when it is released.

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