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Psyonix explains why Rocket League's Xbox One X adaptation will take time

2/6/2018 11:37:04 AM

Psyonix has always seemed to be at the forefront with the Rocket League, having shown clear ideas in somewhat turbulent aspects, such as the cross-game between Xbox and Playstation. However, before the arrival of Xbox One X many have wondered how it is possible that has not yet been given support for this hardware. At no time Psyonix has hidden this option, and confirmed a while ago that it would support the new Microsoft hardware. But this update seems to take, as the other day, to unveil the roadmap of future updates, the update that will support Xbox One X moved away to a moment after spring.

Rocket-League-December Update


In Reddit, the director of Rocket League, Corey Davis, has made clear the reasons why this update will take its time to arrive. On the one hand, there is the current top priority for the study, the Tournaments. But on the other hand, it is argued that "carrying out this update is not so simple". When at times we have seen the study very confident, calling it easy to adapt to the Crusader Game that offered so many difficulties, according to Sony, it turns out that something that for many is being comfortable and simple, is not so much. "The support of Xbox One X is complicated because it requires many updates," says Davis, noting that, in addition, "the benefit is anything but clear." In a way, he reasons this statement saying that "to enable it, we have to do a complete update of the XDK", which is the Microsoft development layer on which the games are built.


In this way, what could be a simple task, it does not seem so much in the case of Rocket League. In a way, one of the main issues is what result you want to get. "The game already works better on the Xbox One X, due to the improved hardware," however, there are doubts about "the main benefit of giving 4K support." Apparently, they tried at first to bring Rocket League closer to that resolution, but the result did not seem optimal and "we had to make some difficult decisions about how much 4k was worth in the Rocket League compared to our other priorities, such as tournaments."



It is evident that 4K support has not been a priority, and given the best performance obtained in Xbox One X, the resolution does not seem to be something that can be prioritized. We will have to wait for Psyonix to put piece after piece in their proposal, with an encouraging future, full of options, content and possibilities. Guaranteeing fun is the first thing, that looking at a resolution is not so important. 

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