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Rocket League Autumn Update On September 28th – New Items and Contents For The Big Update

9/14/2017 10:00:08 AM

Developers Psyonix is currently preparing a major Autumn Update for Rocket League, which will be released later this September. In addition to the start of the new Rocket League Season 6, you will be presented with a new arena, new items, customization options and much more.

Rocket League Autumn Update contains the following contents:

- Farmstead, a new arena, is available this fall for a limited time for competitions, casual play and private games.

- More than 90 FREE customization elements, available as unusual, rare and very rare drops after online matches or trade-ins.

- The introduction of player banners, a new customization element for players.

- The end of the competition season 5 and the start of the competition season 6.

- Standardization of arenas for competitions and casual online play.

- Transparent gate posts.

- LAN support for PC players.

- And much more!

The update also promises a new "Events" system with limited-time events where players can earn additional Battle Car adjustments. With a new item named 'Decryptor', players can also open any unopened box in their inventory without having to buy a key.



After the fall update, the players will also be able to test two important future features. One is the new party system that players can test during beta phases. The other is a new Tournaments system, with which players can create their own tournaments and compete in them. The party system starts shortly after the release of the autumn update, the Tournaments beta follows later in the autumn.


To see Rocket League Autumn Update Trailer, please click here

Further details about the autumn update, which will be released on 28 September, are also available on the official homepage.


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