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Pokémon Ultrasonne & Ultramond Tips For Starters, Z Attacks & More

1/12/2018 11:40:02 AM

How to get started with the Starter-Pokémon in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, as well as other valuable tips, we'll tell you here.

Go to Alola! It is again in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon. Valuable tips for your journey through the tropical island paradise, we offer you afterwards, the differences between the editions, however, we explain elsewhere.

If you also want to know more about the Pokémon Bank, we offer in a further article on all sorts of information about this feature.


Tips for Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

General Tips

- VMs do not matter anymore. If you've always found it annoying to teach your pocket monsters to play important but non-skilful attacks, such as surfing or flying, then you're in luck. As in Sun & Moon, the VM compulsion is lifted. Thanks to the features Mantine Surfing and PokéMobile, you no longer have to rely on VMs.

- Speak to the inhabitants of Alola. This is not only important to get the best from the Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon story. The islanders will also have valuable tips or even presents for you.

- Use ultra-portals or ultra worm holes. Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon have two peculiarities regarding this feature. On the one hand hide behind (both editions taken together) all previous legendary pocket monsters. On the other hand, you can use them to hunt with a trick targeted iridescent Pokémon.


Tip 1: Choose your starter wisely

Anyone who has been following the game series for some time knows the principle: At the beginning of your adventure, in Pokémon Editions, you have the choice between three Pokémon that can become your first partner. These so-called starter Pokémon are in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Baum and Kauz (plant / flight), Litten (fire) and Popplio (water).

At the start of your island migration, you'll meet Melemele on the island, Captain Llima (uses Normal Pokémon), and Island King Hala (Battle Pokémon Expert). Based on them Baum and Kauz type plant / flight is the best choice for the easiest start. Flight attacks are effective against the Fighting type and Tracy - Captain on the next island of Akala - uses Water Pokémon, which are weak against plant attacks.

Regarding Llima and Hala, Litten and Popplio do not take much. However, since water attacks do not have an effective effect on water Pokémon, but are very likely to have pocket fire monsters, Popplio represents the middle and Litten the highest level of difficulty at the beginning of Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.


Tip 2: Collect ruler stickers

When in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon something shines golden under the sun or the moon Alolas, it is most likely a so-called ruler sticker. These gold stickers are scattered all over the island paradise, waiting to be found by you.

In exchange for ruler stickers, you will receive so-called Ruler Pokémon as an addition to your team. These pocket monsters are bigger and stronger than their counterparts. You'll get a taste of their abilities during the trials of the island migration, in which you have to assert yourself against them.


Tip 3: New z-attacks thanks to Z-power ring

The Z-Ring is already familiar to you from Pokémon Sun & Moon, and in conjunction with Z-Crystals, it allows for particularly powerful attacks. In Ultra Son & Ultra Moon, however, your trainer will be equipped with the Z-power ring, which allows the use of even more Z-attacks.

For example, the legendary pocket monsters Solgaleo and Lunala now have their own Z crystals (Solgaleo Z & Lycanium Z) to unleash even more powerful attacks. Include these new possibilities in your strategic thinking as you send your Pokémon into battle in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.


Tip 4: Take care of your Pokémon

The so-called Pokémon Refresh is not only a cute feature in Ultra Son & Ultra Moon that allows you to stroke and clean your pocket monsters. If you take good care of them, build a strong bond with them. This is important, for example, for the use of Z attacks.

In addition, thanks to the Pokémon Refresh, you will be able to cure status changes of your pocket monsters without the use of items like Hyper healer & Co. This saves money and creates a basis of trust between coach and team.



Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon celebrated their release as the last Nintendo 3DS games of their kind on November 17, 2017. How to change hairstyles and outfits in the game, and most easily grab legendary Pokémon, we'll explain to you elsewhere. Looking for cheap Pokemon Items for your game? You can find best deal for all Pokémon Items/Pets on all 7 generations. 

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