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ACNH Friendship Guide - How To Make Your Favorite Villagers To Be Your Best Friend

1/7/2021 12:25:45 PM

Friendship, the mechanic that makes you visibly upset when your favorite villager asks to leave but also makes you want to whack someone on the head with a net because they're ugly and you want them out of your life forever. there are a lot of details about friendship, a lot. 

Animal Crossing Friendship Handbook - How Does The Friendship System Level Work 

So here's how to keep your favorite villages your best friends! your villagers can have friendship levels between one and six, with each level given you a unique interaction with the villager. when an animal moves to your island, they start with twenty-five friendship points. the way you interact with them determines how quickly you can make it to the best friend level. once you reach level five or six you have up to a 10% chance to receive the villagers framed photo, who wouldn't want the ultimate sign of friendship from the villager you spent 30 Nook miles tickets to find. so how do you increase friendship points with the villagers that you like? 

Animal Crossing Friendship Handbook - How To Get Friendship Point Easy

The first let's chat option of the day will get you a friendship point. anything after that gains you nothing except feeling good that you've respected a totally made-up NPC. buying an item from them also gives you a point, so if they ask, just buy it. 

Catching those pesky fleas off villagers gets you plus five points. definitely worth it. even though they sell for almost nothing. it's not all about the money, the best thing to give your villages for daily gifts is furniture. they will always give you plus 3 friendship points. wrapping that gift before giving it to them will gain you an extra point. for their birthday however a wrapped piece of fruit is as far as you need to go. once you reach a high enough friendship level, your villagers will send you on quests. your performance on that quest is either rated normal or good, one of the quests includes returning lost items, you can investigate these lost items if your friendship level is high enough. and finding the correct villager before someone else tells you who it is, will gain you extra points. other quests consist of catching fish and bugs, delivering medicine to sick villagers, deliveries to other villagers, and the buried treasure mini-game. completing any of these quests will gain your friendship points. 

There are a few specifics for how the points are gained for these like you can run out of time during the treasure hunt. but if you return the treasure to the villager still, you'll gain points. or opening a delivery item or just straight up not delivering it will cost you friendship points. there really isn't a lot that can hurt your friendship level with villagers. but there are some things that you can do if you really want to make that one villager don’t like you. giving trash for a daily gift like spoiled turnip, or serve garbage fished up will lose you two points. doing it on their birthday adds a little more pain to their soul by taking away five friendship points. hitting them with a net until they are visibly upset that takes away three points. talking to a sick villager and saying you have medicine for them without actually having medicine to offer will make them angry. and it will take away one friendship point. a few actions do not affect friendship points at all, these include sending villagers letters, ignoring them, talking to them too much until they get that frustrated emotion above their head. hitting them with an extra shovel or pushing them into a pitfall. 

Animal Crossing Friendship Handbook - How To Evict Unwanted Animals Off Your Island

But how do you get an unwanted animal to move off your island? do you surround their house and barbed wire, ignore them? No, you don't. the villagers with the lower friendship levels do have a better chance of moving away, but it doesn't guarantee that they will be the next ones to move away. all of your villagers have a chance of asking. if the villager asks to move away but you tell them to stay they'll be a five-day cool-down until another villager asks. just because they have that thought bubble above their head, doesn't mean that they want to move. sometimes they give you things, the five-day cool-down can be avoided by closing out the game without saving before finishing the conversation with the villager that you want to stay with. this will move the thought-bubble to another villager and you can try again. once the villager does move out, there's a 15-day cool-down before another one will ask. 

Except for using amiibo and random campsite attendees, villagers will be excluded from asking to move, if their house is currently being moved; they had a birthday within the last week; they were the last villager asked to move but you told them to stay, or they're the most recent villager ask to move in; it’s in the air whether that last point is completely accurate. it's in the code this way but some have reported that their most recent villager has actually asked to move out.

There is an ultimate friendship loophole when you upset a villager by hitting them with a net, you have a 20% chance of earning those three points back by apologizing to them. if they're happy with your apology they'll display the happy emotion. talking to them while they're happy will gain you another three friendship points. so in the end you would have netted a total of three friendship points for hitting your neighbors in the game. Animal Crossing only. if you keep doing this and resetting it, the villager doesn't display the happy emotion, you'll theoretically gain infinite friendship points. 

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