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ACNH Hybrid Flowers Guide - How To Get Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing

1/6/2021 10:22:38 AM

There's a lot of misinformation when it comes to hybrid flowers. guides are constantly being updated leading to confusion, and hours spent trying to breed the wrong flowers. There are a lot of guides that don't seem to match up. there are many ways to get specific hybrid colors and what we are showing you today are most likely not the only ways.

#Tier  1: The Primary Flowers

There are three classes of flowers. first, you have the primary flowers, these are the whites, yellows, and reds. unless that's a windflower then the yellows are replaced with orange. breeding these flowers gets you the tier 1 hybrids. two red roses making a black rose. a red and yellow Lily making an orange Lily. a red and white cosmos making a pink cosmos. pretty simple if you plant the primary colors correctly next to each other these hybrids spawn in a couple of days. the probability of obtaining these hybrids is high. 

#Tier  2: The Hybrid Flowers

then you have the tier 2 hybrids. they are created by taking two tiers 1 hybrids crossbreeding them and creating another color hybrid. there's also a thing where you like to need to put two hybrids together to get like a hybrid primary color, so technically that one's also tier 2. 

Sidenotes: there are many ways to arrange your flowers, whether is the zigzag style to optimize your hybrid breeding, or the side by side style for easier watering purposes and needing fewer flowers. They all fine, it's all really however you want your flower set up on your island. but the more spots you leave open around your flowers matter. it gives the hybrids more options to spawn.

How To Make Hybrid Flowers - The Secret About Watering 

Flowers can only make hybrids if they're watered. so you should only water flowers that you want to create hybrids with. hybrids don't die New Horizons as they do in past Animal Crossing games, and neither are the tree saplings. when it rains on your island, all your flowers get watered. don't have to waste time breaking watering cans when it rains.

It is worth noting for all of you time-traveling addicts that if you travel back a day a week a month, the game does not count it as a new day. but you must re-water your flowers. because technically you've gone back in time before you watered them. 

How To Make Hybrid Flowers - The Secret  About Hybrids Island

The next part is the tier 2 hybrid flowers. a nook miles mystery island completely covered in hybrids from one type of flower. you need to find the mysterious hybrid flower island that has the flowers you want because the key to successfully get the second tier hybrids is to harvest your tier 1 hybrid from the hybrid island, these flowers have better chances at spawning new flowers. 

The reason why the hybrid island flowers are more likely to breed has something to do with the probabilities of breeding new flowers. these hybrids have better probabilities attached to them, kind of like how Caterpie is a 5% spawn rate in viridian forest Pokemon red. but you hop on over to Pokemon blue and the probability increases to 50%. it's a similar philosophy. creating these hybrids on your own island has a minuscule chance of being successful, spend a few Nook Miles Tickets to find the mystery hybrid island and now your odds have jumped so high that these hybrids are now a piece of cake to breed. but there are almost no precise rules that we know of when it comes to breeding hybrids that are finding the best combinations of colors. so there is a possibility that this method might not be the one for you. 

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