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Fortnite: Dance In Forbidden Places - All Locations On The Map

12/9/2018 12:50:32 AM

In keeping with the launch of Fortnite Season 7, the Week-1 Challenge Tanze has been commissioned at various forbidden locations, allowing you to live out this joy in the game itself. At a total of seven points you have to swing the dance leg and cheeky override the pronounced ban. Sounds fun? It is also - if you know, where it is time for a little dance. Otherwise, it may take a while before you find the prescribed places. But that's what this guide is for.

Before you start, here is some good news: You do not need a Battle Pass to attend this task. Instead, the Challenge is part of the Free Pass offer, allowing it to be tackled for free by all Fortnite players.

But of course there are more challenges and more nice Fortnite items loot in the first week of the new season. For example, in a multi-phase task, it is about dancing on a caravan crown.

All forbidden places in Fortnite on the map

Why are they even "forbidden" places? This is not obvious at first glance, but it is suddenly crystal clear when you reach one of the places. There you will find in each case a very clear prohibition sign, which expressly indicates that dancing is not allowed in this place. As a result, you will always know, instantly, that you are in the right place. The signs themselves look like this:

Fortnite Locations 1

This is what the prohibition signs look like in the forbidden places.

So once you face such a ban, it's time to turn your inner rebel out and override the rules. Imagine the prohibition sign (you do not need to stand in front of it, but you should at least be close by) and select the Dancing option from the Emote menu. Your avatar is now laying a brisk soles on the floor and a note on the top left of the screen should point out that you have successfully danced a forbidden place. If this notice remains, you should place yourself closer to the prohibition sign and repeat the process.

Unfortunately, the forbidden places themselves are distributed more or less arbitrarily. Or to put it another way: you do not follow any inner logic, so with a little bit of detective sense, you could figure out where to go. Instead, you have to trot over the not-so-small Fortnite map and keep your eyes peeled for the signs. Or you can save this ordeal and simply use our subsequently included map.

Fortnite Locations 2

All seven forbidden places in Fortnite on the map.

Here we have marked all seven forbidden places for you, so you just have to rattle them off. Remember, you have unlimited laps available. It's better this way, because the respective areas are sometimes very far apart and it would be damn difficult to rattle every single point within a match.q

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