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Professional Cheats Accidentally In The Big Fortnite Tournament

9/24/2018 10:32:45 PM

In the big tournament of Fortnite "Fall Skirmish" a player cheated. Although he realized this almost immediately and he regretted it, he still earned the hatred.

Who is it? It's about Nate Hill, a player for the FaZe clan, and his partner Funkbomb. The two started as a duo at the event "Fall Skirmish". They were then accused of cheating.


How should he have cheated? When FunkBomb died early, he left the match. This is what the developers want: players should leave the match after they leave to relieve the servers.

FunkBomb then turned on the official Twitch stream from Fortnite. It is transmitted without any delay.

There FunkBomb could see an opponent near Nate Hill and told his partner via voice chat precise instructions on where the opponent is and how many life he still has.

FunkBomb said even slightly amused: "That feels like cheating." After that, however, no further announcements came.

How did it continue? Nate Hill did not use the partner's information. He remained pretty passive for the remainder of the match.

As the storm approached, the game became more and more claustrophobic, there was less and less space, and the lag increased until Hill finally dropped out. His team finished 9th in this match. For a prize money it was not enough this weekend.

Community calls for Bans

This is how the community reacts: Even during the game, twitching chattered immediately that it was cheating and that this had to be punished. After the match, these allegations became more violent. Such "callouts" gave Nate Hill unfair advantages.

The two players were sometimes verbally abused and demanded permanent bans.

Fortnite Ninja

This is how Nate Hill responds: in a longer post, the professional explains what exactly happened (via Reddit). It was not thought that the official stream was without delay.

The moment you understand what an advantage you get from seeing the official stream, you immediately stop.

Hill is protecting his partner. FunkBomb now feels bad and has reported himself to Epic.

Fortnite Ninja title new format

"You can not delete anything from the internet"

Hill admits his own guilt: Hill takes some of the blame on his own cap. He had originally deleted the clip in the evening, which was about it. Because there was so much hatred for his friend and partner that he wanted to protect him.

In retrospect, however, he knows that this was a mistake, because no one could delete something from the network. The video is now restored. We have it tied up for you.

Are there any consequences for the players? Whether Epic penalizes the behavior is currently unknown.


It's all there: The scary thing here is how easy it is to cheat. So light that it can even happen accidentally.

There was a similar incident at PUBG in an eSport tournament. As a team used a glitch, allegedly also by mistake. They were retroactively disqualified.

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