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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Investment Guide - Invest 83 Rated Players To Earn More FIFA Coins

1/20/2018 12:24:34 PM

Players with an 83 rating are very popular in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). We explain in this article the reasons and how to profitably invest in these cards.


83 rated players are useful in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team in many ways. Not only can they reinforce your squad, they are also very handy for the Squad Building Challenges (SBC). Especially if you need high scores, the 83 cards are very valuable. This is also evident on the market. One experiences with these maps always a constant ups and downs. It is like with the stock exchange, because also in FUT one can make bad investments. If you buy the players too expensive, you will probably only lose the virtual kickers at a loss, unless the player or his team is needed for more explicit SBCs.

Meanwhile, the desirability of these players forms a real competition bid, because many FUT players buy cheap and sell expensive to supplement the profit with the coin account. Costing and price comparison are just as important as the general market overview. Keep in mind that the prices on the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC vary, the PC even more than the consoles.

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Investment Guide - Invest 83 Rated Players To Earn More FIFA Coins

83 rated players can bring you lots of coins in FUT.


Point 1: Do not buy too expensive

Cheap players are not easy to find. You should always check the immediate purchase prices. However, it is not recommended to buy the players by buy now. It is more about determining a benchmark. Cheap it is at the auctions. Look for the lowest bid, between 700 and 800 fifa coins. In this framework, you can always find players. Then you can start bidding on the 83er. Sometimes you're in luck - anything up to 900 coins is a real bargain. This applies to both consoles.

Between 1,000 and 1,300 coins you also make a good deal, beyond that it gets tricky. An Emil Forsberg, for example, cost around 3,000 coins on the Xbox on 3 January. By now he has slipped to 1,600 coins. A Mattia Perin, on the other hand, got around 3,200, now it costs about 6,000 coins. An extreme example, but sometimes it's just worth it to wait and watch the market. However, investments between 750 and 1,300 coins quickly pay off in the 83er game after only a short time.


Point 2: Keep track of times

A big factor is the right time to buy. During the day, the market for bargains is rather unsuitable. On the Playstation you should probe the market between 19 and 21 o'clock. It's best on the Xbox between 8pm and 10pm. Night owls could also do business early in the morning. You should reject the cards during the day. Noon and afternoon are the crowds largest. Furthermore, it is always worthwhile to compare the prices on sites such as


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