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FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream - Halloween Event Starts With Scream Cards, Themed SBC, Packs Offers!

10/23/2017 3:35:30 PM

On FIFA 18, Halloween is celebrated with the Ultimate Scream Event. There are new Ultimate Scream-Cards in the Ultimate Team. Here you can find all information about the Scream Team.

Ultimate Scream! This is the annual Halloween event EA Sports is running in FUT mode. At the same time, it is the first major event to be played in FUT 18 on the players. What you are looking for, you can see here.


When does FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream start? Release date of the FUT 18 Halloween event

As EA Sports now confirms:

Ultimate Scream returns on October 20, 2017 at 7pm.

For the first time, Ultimate Scream was celebrated in FIFA 16. Now it takes place for the third time.

In FUT 18 the event lasts almost two weeks. On 1 November at 7 pm it is to end.


FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Team - Halloween Cards - All Scream Player Cards with Boosts

During Ultimate Scream there will be special Scream cards in FUT 18. These have a black-orange design.

Here is the full list:

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Players - Halloween Cards

And here are the "monster" versions with boosted ratings:

FIFA 18 Ultimate Scream Players - Halloween Cards


The "Scream Team" consists of 23 players. It is a selection of kickers, who recently showed strong performances on the pitch and are now rewarded with upgraded special cards.


- These Halloween cards are now available in the packs until October 29th, replacing the standard cards of the respective players.

- If you already have standard cards of these players in your team, nothing happens with them. So if you want a Halloween card, you have to pull it out of the packs or buy it on the transfer market.

- The Halloween cards have only small boosts compared to the standard cards. However, there are exceptions: between the 29.10. and the 1.11. these player cards become "monsters" - that is, they are greatly enhanced. After the 1.11. they return to normal Halloween cards with low boosts. - During the season at "creepy times" writes EA Sports, they are to be re-evaluated from time to time.

Halloween event - with special packs, SBCs, offers

While Ultimate Scream, EA Sports will be offering several set-ups online, SBCs and special items such as Halloween jerseys. Also gifts on the web app are conceivable.


- Directly to the start of the event are promo packs live. A premium Electrum player set for 12,500 coins and a premium gold player set for 25,000 coins. These are available for 4 or 2 days.

- These are the jerseys that are available at the event:

- As the SBC, the Dracula Elf is live, through which you can get a premium gold player set. It is active for 2 days.

How does Ultimate Scream affect the transfer market?

Forecasts on the transfer market in FUT 18 should always be taken with caution as the market is subject to fluctuations and depends on several factors.

It is expected that many sets will be opened during the Halloween event, as the fans want the Scream cards. This means that more cards than usual will land on the transfer market. As a result, the prices of individual FUT cards will decrease. During the event you should keep your eyes open for bargains.

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